Could Personality Profiles of Political Leaders tell us how countries will interact with each other?

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I was thinking today about Political Leaders and how they interact with each other.

For example: Theresa May the Leader of the Conservative Party in England and Prime Minister seems to Gravitate towards Donald Trump who is the President of America.  Why is this?  I personally think it is because of certain traits that people see in each other. 

One of Theresa May's Catchphrases was "Strong and Stable" which she used in the last election. 

What does it mean when someone repeat something like a mantra?   

It means that they are telling you something that they need.  

Theresa May wanted herself to be more Strong and Stable.  We can notice this from an interview where she said that she would tell her younger self, to believe in herself more.  You also have how her father and mother both died in her 20s. That and the increasing pressure from moving up the ladder of politics to the position that she is in now.

Think about it.  A woman who repeats how strong and stable she is, who tries to control everything and avoids telling the truth about different issues.  These are the traits of a woman who has suffered emotional turmoil, amounting pressure and self restriction of her own emotions and issues. The best way that she sees to cope with it all, is to avoid the truth and tell herself that she is strong, stable and can carry on with her life but this will only shut her off from her emotions and true self.

Another person to look at is Donald Trump.  He is a leader who seems to put himself first. He also seems to be someone who's views change alot. This conflicts with his very outgoing personality and how he speaks his mind. Though does he really speak it truly? Think about one of his stances.  He wants to build a big wall and big walls keep out problems and makes it so that you avoid seeing the truth before your eyes. 

If we apply this to a mental level then one could say that he wants a wall inside his mind to stop his thoughts, reactions..etc from coming out into the real world. It could also be a blocking tool to avoid seeing any problems or issues in his own psyche.  He seems to be quite a reactive person who gets triggered by the most smallest things. 

A self serving person who is also controlling over other people could also be one who has no control over themselves and instead has problems serving their own emotional needs and issues.

How do Donald Trump and Theresa May fit together? 

By the profile above, one could say that Theresa May is attracted to Donald's uncontrollable behaviour because that is what wants to be unleashed inside herself. Donald also wants walls to go up to control himself and what does Theresa May keep on saying she is?  Strong and Stable. What is a wall?  Strong and Stable. 

Theresa also tries to control things because internally she is out of control behind her restrictions.  People are able to notice what they have in common even if they are not aware of it consciously themselves.  

So Theresa is drawn towards Donald because they both see the unstableness in each other. One is unrestricted and the other is restricted. One tries to control things and the other seems to be out of control.


This is just a small section of what makes up a person and how they act/behave but I think that if people studied their political leaders, other people or even themselves. They would learn alot about who they gravitate towards, who they feel anger towards....etc. 

This is because every person is a mirror to each other. We each see traits of ourselves in other people. 

If we see something that we reject in ourselves and try to hide from the world in someone else then we will want to reject and maybe even attack the other person. 

It must also be said that I feel like that a leader will rule their country by how they rule themselves and their life.


Anyway, I hope that was interesting.  I know it was to me :) 

What do you think?  Do you think there could be some truth to this or is it just nonsense? 

BTW: The images used in this article were taken and edited by me.

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