Part#1 : My Own Experience On Precognitive Dreams. Need Someone That Could Make An Explanation On This Phenomena.

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By Deanna Radiant(

Hello guys, today I would like to write about the precognitive dream. Precognition which is define by an ability to see the future.

Based on my understanding about the precognitive dream is a dream that act as a vision to predict the future event. It is a psychic ability.

It doesn't make sense and it is also violating the science.

The explanation that I got on the internet

For the first case is if someone dreams about their pregnancy then after a week/month later they discovered that they are pregnant in the real life.

This is because their body give them an unconscious message or a subtle signal. Okay I assume that our body and our brain trying to communicate, to give a signal what gonna happen to our body.

For the second case, when the Titanic sunk in 1912 some people are reported having a dream about this tragedy before it was happen. I don't know if they make the report at the police station or what but do the person in charge believe them. It just a dream. Unluckily its really happen.

Things that I got as an explanation for this tragedy is all about the unconscious insight. At that time Titanic is the largest ship in the world. Means it is very popular and people must have talk much about it. And the ship also got an attention from the media which they claiming that the ship is 'unsinkable'.

Maybe those people have imagine what if the biggest ship in the world sink. Then their imagination appears in their dream.

My own experience.

I got a lot of this 'precognition dream' since I was a kid but here is the most unforgettable dream that I've ever got.

When I still in primary school I got an examination which is UPSR, in Malaysia you have to take this exam to continued to the secondary school.

After the examination, I got a dream about my result which is I got all A's.

The dream started at my school hall(SMK Seri Tualang (SISP) ) as the location in my dream. Someone announce my name and I go to the stage to take the result transcript. I saw all A's from the five subject that I have been taken. I feel so happy then I started to ran and jump into the small pond nearby the hall. Then I ran to my home to tell my parent about my result.

When I woke up, off course I feel happy because I got good result in that examination. I believe that dream and fortunately the dream come true but something wrong in the dream is about my reaction which I jump into the pond. And also how I manage to ran back to home which is 23 km from the school. At that time I'm still 12 y/o which is imposible for me to do that . In the real life, my parent will be at the school with me.

I also had a dreams about others examination result in my secondary school. My PMR(Penilaian Menengah Rendah) and my SPM(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) but in my SPM result it is slightly inaccurate because my dream told me that I got an A for English but in the real result it is not an A. Yeah I know that I'm suck in English.

Because of the inaccuracy of that dream I started not to 100% believe my dream.

I think all of this appear in my dream because I want it so bad. Just like the quote

If you dream it, you can do it.

But later I had a dream about I got into college. Some of the building of this college appear in my dream. And I still remembered about one of the girl that I met in my dream.
And guess what, in my real life after a month in the college. I met the same person.

Its okay with the college because I really want to go to the college, maybe that why I'm dreaming about it but the things that I don't understand why the thing that I haven't see before appear in my dream. The girl, the building or the location. It is impossible and doesn't make sense.

I hope someone could explained why I saw something that I have not seen before in my life appear in my dream.

I never tell anyone about this before except my mom. But my mom said it just a sweet dream. I know people won't believe it.

There are two other dream experience that I will write in the part #2 of the article. So stay tuned.
Which is

I dream about how did I died

And it suppose to be happened a month ago.

But now I'm still alive.



If you like my post follow me @zeusqraqen. I'm always feel curious about this world, human being and I think as a human there a lot of thing that we don't know in this world. I would love to discover a new thing because it is fun. Finally thanks because reading my post.

Disclaimer : I am not an expert in psychology. I wrote based on my understanding and my experience. Maybe some of it is not accurately from the fact. If I make something wrong, feel free to drop a comment.

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Precognition which is define by an ability to see the future.

You ask for an explanation about that, and I don't believe this can be explained as of now.

I also have a premonition when I was little in one of my dreams, and I even made a post about it here.

I really cannot understand how that happened to me, and I totally believe in this because it happened to me, had it not happened to me I would hardly take this matter seriously, but it did and I really wish to someday find an explanation about how can something like this happen. And besides, why it happens so much in dreams?


This thing happen a lot when I was a kid. Thankfully it also happen when I confuse about something. I just assume that the God give me dreams as a reminder/warning or to show something, or a path.

I also curious about something like spiritual world, alien, ghost and the paranormal thing. I tried to denied their existence because it does not have a scientific proof about it. But like you said

I totally believe in this because it happened to me, had it not happened to me I would hardly take this matter seriously

I have read your article about the premonition and others too.

Did you believe if someone could control their dreams? Like they live in it but knowing that just a dream.


Did you believe if someone could control their dreams? Like they live in it but knowing that just a dream.

I have controlled my dreams from time to time, but what I would really like to understand is the premonition thing.


I think it a gift or an ability but I don't know how to develop this ability. And also for me I could not have a dream the specific event that I would like to know in the future. For the example, I want to know the price of the steem in the future or knowing the weather of the next saturday.

The dream that I get is unpredictable of the future event.

And of course it is impossible to develop this 'ability'. Later, if you got something or have an explanation about this premonition/precognition thing. Please wrote it on steemit. I also need to know about it

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