Hi zeartul,
Great post. I am trying to continue learning, though I am above 60.

Please requests to check my date of 11/23/2017 of 13K.
out of desk.

Lacking self-awareness is imho lacking intelligence.

@zeartul I like this posting and yes I think by keeping my mind active and by being willing to learn everyday it keeps me more excited as I go through Life.

Self-development is very important and the day we stop working on our self -development is the day we really die on the inside. We always can learn and improve how we act and how we do things and how we think and treat others.
Wonderful post like always @zeartul. Thank you for sharing.

It's a personal struggle with exercise drills. self-development is an on going process until we are in our glory.

your words are somehow in contradiction Oh @zeartul do you see you are happy in your life

thank you so much @zeartul for this great and carefully chosen word ♥

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”
Benjamin Franklin
and this comment was written on the new too i really liked it ;)

This post makes me a little bit sad and pensive. Thanks for sharing, i like such content.

Happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving @zeartul
Thank you for giving us hope and giving us words encouraging us to walk on the path of life

Thank you for the post, it is of great importance.

This is something I think about quite often. To me, it's clear that the periods of my life where I've been the happiest have been those where I was constantly pursuing a goal, specially of that goal was to gain a skill, better a trait, or just flat out learn more and more about my interests for the fun of it.

This, however, goes specially well if you are trying to better your fitness too. There is nothing quite like the well-being of somebody who lifts as much as he reads (well, no need to be balanced, just not focusing on one thing and forgetting the other).

I'm glad someone with your visibility takes a chance to talk about this, and I hope it manages to reach some steemers, specially those going through bad times.


Yes... good news.... I can learn. Mostly just want to preserve the mind.