10 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Men

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"Women have wonderful instincts about things, they can discover anything except the obvious", Oscar Wild.

After reading the book 10 Things every woman needs to know about men" I decided to do a quick review for others to have it simplified and perhaps inspire to actually read it.

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True love comes quietly.

When you’re in the wrong relationship you’re stuck in your head, when you are in the right relationship you’re stuck in your heart.

The best way to have any guys heart is to be up for the job.
And this is my first best go.

Meaning make him your job. Invest in your relationship experience, communication skills and treat him like your favorite work in the world, pay off will be worth it! It doesn't mean you'll be happy, but it sure means the process will excite you and teach you a ton about relationships.

Work until he becomes your raving fan.

Genuine interest is my second best go.

I get really curious about what is this man all about at his core. What is meaningful to him? What are his goals? What inspires him what scares him? What he values and how he goes about achieving his goals and how he celebrates his life? What is he passionate about?

Personality attraction starts from quality questions. So ask him more about HIM.

Appreciation of his vulnerability whenever he opens up to me is my third best go.

  1. When a man likes you - it’s obvious. If you have to question this - you already have the answer.

  2. Men crave appreciation.

  3. Men need to feel like winners. Treat him like someone you want him to be.

  4. Men are terrified of rejection.

  5. Men truly want to give and make you happy.
    Men want to be with a woman who is happy to receive what he has to give. Inspire him to bring the best he has.

  6. Men are afraid of losing the freedom.
    "Freedom is not an absence of commitment, but the ability to choose and commit to that which is best for me" - Paulo Coelho.
    The more you push the more he pulls away. You can only express an invitation for him to do/be/ and experience things with you. Just know that you are always free to choose what’s best for you, and you aren’t responsible for anyone's feelings. Your only request for him should be honesty about his needs, expectations and wants.

  7. Men live in the moment.
    “When you love someone the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you aren’t even there?”
    Your presence is the portal to loving yourself and your man will naturally become more invested in your relationship.

  8. Men communicate through actions more than words.

  9. If you give a guy what makes him want to commit - he will commit.
    You let things happen with appreciation not expectations. Your man is not the indicator of your worthiness. None of relationship is the measurement of worth except the relationship with yourself.
    Relationship or marriage isn't a goal to achieve, it’s an experience to live.
    The only thing you have to do is to bring your best happy self to attract the man in alignment with you.

  10. Men aren’t intentionally trying to hurt you.
    Stop associating your self worth with your relationships or amount of affection or chase or commitments men provide or do not provide for you. Guys truly feel that women are fragile so most of the time they are simply afraid to hurt us that’s why they do not act on. Feelings aren’t facts.

How do men commit?
They perceive commitment as a result that naturally happens, NOT as a goal. If it feels good when she is around then he’ll be drawn to her for more. He doesn’t choose to commit, it just happens with time. When he feels like being with her is better than being single - that’s when his instinct clicks “This is it”.

For any man it comes down to one question “Is my life better with her in it or without?” Drop your belief that you have to make him chase you, just be your authentic self and do you first.

“When another person's happiness equals your own - you win the whole relationship game.”

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