How Far Can You Make It If You Are Mentally Unstable?

in #psychology2 years ago (edited)

Judging from my new article published on History Collection, you can make it wayyyyyy too far. Judging from my own self, I can confirm that even further ;)

I give you a little sneak peek on Steemit and then you can visit History Collection to read about the 20 Historical Figures With Severe Mental Issues Who Shaped Our World like very few sane people have.

So, what do you know about Charles Dickens? A great writer, wasn't he? Did you know that the man who made a prodigious contribution to English Literature as a writer of fiction though, suffered from severe insomnia and had imaginary friends? No? What about this iconic painting?

Did you know that it was the product of a severe episode of agoraphobia? If you're interested in knowing more and enlighten your brains, 5,000 words of "crazy bliss" is awaiting for you by just clicking HERE



Genius and madness go hand in hand, we say in German. I think there are no real borders between them; psychological conditions are seamless. And the degree of madness or so-called normality is depending of each person.

I tend to believe as well that genius and madness go hand by hand. Maybe not in all cases, but most of the times. Even the normal or "sane" geniuses of this world, just happen to have a better self-control than the "crazy" ones. I am sure they all have long conversations with their-selves every night before they go to sleep (not that geniuses get much sleep anyway, as their brain doesn't rest really).

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