Random Thoughts #1: God

in #psychology3 years ago

God is a metaphor for the world in which we find ouselves. Think about it: God is often depicted as an impartial, impersonal force; God has been depicted as both inexplicably kind and inexplicably cruel, by turns; God has been depicted as the writer of a set of laws that cannot be disobeyed (think "laws of physics"); God has been said to be the shaper of our destiny; God has been depicted as self-sacrificial so that we might Live; God has been said to be all around us; it has been said that each one of us is a part of God, a child of God... in each of those statements you can substitute "the world" or "life" for "God" and the statements are absolutely, empirically, observably true. We've always had a tendency to anthropomorphize (look at Disney cartoons, for example); God is our anthropomorphization of the intangible and mysterious.