<-- What do you see on this image?

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A duck? A rabbit? What's on the picture?

Whatever you saw you were right. This picture was used for explanation of the paradigm shift by Thomas Kuhn, American physicist and philosopher. He wanted to explain how you can see the same information and interpret it differently.

Nobody sees things how they truly are, we just see them based on our subconscious minds. Everything that happens in our lives makes us see things the way WE SEE THEM. Not how they truly are and not how other people see them.

So what's a paradigm shift?

Paradigm shift is basically letting go of everything you know so that you can change the perspective of your life. Learn to see things differently, to see them from other peoples perspective.

These shift often happen when there is a big change in our lives, getting out of a long relationship, somebodies death etc... Because that's when we learn to see things differently. That's why we change the most in situations like that.

We maybe view it as bad at the time but as time passes we certainly see why it had to happen.


I just liked the way you explained what is "Paradigm Shift" all about? About the image, someone will say A Rabbit,, someone will say A Duck and someone would say both. It varies from man to man. It's all our perspective.

Thank you I appreciate your feedback @knowkrish!

interesting picture and contents!

Thank you! :D

I see an albatross

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