What's the difference between being antisocial and being an introvert?

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I have met both types of people. 

Let me explain it in detail according to my experience. 

Anti social people are those who vent out their anger and feelings of unrest at others whom they think are quite comfortable, well off and blend in the human society. Anti social people are afraid, irritable and in general display hatred towards every being as a whole. They need psychological help otherwise it could lead to them causing widespread harm. 

Such behavior can lead to mental distress and they may either end their life or cause harm and even death to others. 

Now for my experience. 

A few years back, we had to go to town. when we reached a nearby town, we were asked by some people to park our car within an apartment car shed, quickly. My husband did not question and he did so immediately. Soon, we saw a procession of people walking by, holding sticks, long knives and huge stones to throw at any passer by people or vehicles who dared to go against their declaration of no work that day, also known as 'hartal' in India.  We were very scared after we saw what they were holding in their hands. 

Such people can be termed as anti social people who display mob mania. They destroy anything and everything without any pity. 


An introvert is a person whose attitude has been shaped as such from a young age itself. The introvert is basically shy and withdrawn. They can be brought to the forefront through gentle coaxing and warm behavior. 

Introverts usually do not mingle easily with others and also do not take initiative in any matter that might require leadership qualities. They cannot express their feelings and emotions very easily and are most insecure. 

It could have been influenced by childhood experiences and it will take time to change their attitude and behavior pattern. 

Many of my relatives are very shy and it takes time for them to make friends easily. They also are not so successful in life because of this behavior and attitude.

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hmm it is not so simple people who are anti social can be violent but also can seem normal but do things covertly to hurt others ... As for being an introvert not all seem shy it boils down to this. extraverts get energy from human encounters it boosts them. Introverts get drained by it. Example while I am a bit shy, I am good at public speaking for causes and can be very open in social groups but it tires me out. I literally come home as if I have been fed on by vampires and need to recuperate. My daughter who is and extravert is the total opposite being around people powers her up.

While childhood trauma can cause people to retreat it has little to do with true introvertism, that is simply how people are built. it is usually one way or the other , although there are hybrids.


That's a great explanation. Thanks, dear

I am an introvert :)
Anti-social people are typically doesn't like people in general and doesn't care what happens to them. Introverts like me however typically doesn't like social gatherings because they are easily overwhelmed by the activity, noise, and/or shallow conversations/interactions :) Being around people just wears an introvert. Spending so much time alone is needed to recharged. Introverts are also deep thinkers who hate the shallow conversations like in most social gatherings where deep conversations are usually not welcome.

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I agree with you