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My husband's cousin and his wife parted ways amicably. The wife has for some reasons blocked every member of the extended family on every easily accessible social networking platforms. The husband (husband's cousin) however is claiming that his wife has an extra marital affair which she refuses to discontinue owing to which they are parting ways. The wife also happened to give away the custody of their own son to the husband.
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Those who have heard this story in the family are bitching about the wife saying she is an insensetive girl who left her son for some other man and that she is a gold digger. Though I believed so earlier, I now have other thoughts. May be something was really bad in their marriage that forced her to walk out. May be her husband refused to give her the custody of their son. There can be various reasons that prompted her actions and we cannot conclude her as the wrong party until we hear both sides of the story.

Every one in a bid to defend oneself blame the other. One is never wrong in his / her self view. One will never accept his/ her wrongs so it is always important to listen to both sides.

Marriage is a difficult relationship and only the person's involved understand what's going on between them. For the sake of society they pretend to be happy and people who see then are oblivious to the happenings making them unfit to give judgements. I am not defending the girl for her actions, I am just saying to make a fair judgement we need to listen to both sides of the story.

Blaming someone for their wrongs is easy, but accepting one's own mistakes are toughest. I am very vocal about my thoughts on their divorce and everyone in my family are dismissing my thoughts saying I am inexperienced and don't know much about life 😐. Sad that experienced people don't understand things that an unexperienced like me understands.

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