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Hey! Friend,

Sometimes when you discovered something shocking it seems like so this thing is there. For every man or woman on this planet Earth has one or two deadly habits inside that yet to be discovered until you reach a particular level in your journey of life you may not be conscious of it.

Pixabay: Death Within

Sequel to my recent engagement in my place of work and even on my online leadership, I have a mind-blowing message to pass to you. To you my friends, colleague, leaders, and parents we need to study what fuel our actions to make decisions. This study of a killer within our mind is a silent killer and until you kill it, it will end your great destiny as you continue with it. Let me ask, what fuel your confidence? You need to think about this, but that's not really the center of this journal.

It's the time of the election in my country and so many things have happened, still happening and will still continue. Bad decisions through people in leadership positions is a product of power that makes them see themselves overconfident in all they do

In business, when you look at decision-making, I noticed that unconstrained power can hinder the process of making a decision and this can be extended to political leaders.

Why Going This Direction?

The sense I woke up with brought me to open my mind and sent out this message to help power holders (those that find this journal) to be conscious of one of the pitfalls leaders often fall prey to, leaders always feel overconfident in their ability to make good decisions because of the overall sense of control in what we called Power.

Are you in a position or you are aiming at one? You need to hear this and pay attention: most leaders tend to lose a lot of money due to the fact that they are too confident of there decisions. Though I don't like betting if you look at the world of betting those that lose most are those that bet money on the accuracy of their own knowledge.

One of the illustrations I read sometimes ago was about some 10 participants that were put in touch with feelings of either power or powerlessness and they were asked to recall and write down accounts in some details of a specific experience when they either had or did not have power over other people. 10 factual questions were asked base of the subject I reviewed above to set a confidence boundary on how well they thought they had performed. Friends, this exercise revealed that power leads to over-precision, many of them overestimated there result because power has a tendency to overestimate the accuracy of personal knowledge.

One piece of the puzzle I discovered was **A Subjective Feeling Of Power Will Most Times Leads To Over-precision. Many that primed to feel powerful actually lost money betting on their knowledge and those who did not feel powerful made less risky bets and did not lose money.

Why Do You Want To Kill That Business?

Business owners, CEOs, Managers, Directors, President and others, my research shows that overconfidence amongst this high-power individuals could be limited by blocking their subjective sense of that power just by directing their attention to the limits of their personal competence. Do you believe you have a limit? Test your expertise or knowledge by allocating subjects or tasks to yourself and you can view from the image I placed in your heart right now.

On the other hand, your competency can be manipulated too. Take for example you are good and you are an expert with all confidence, simple leadership aptitude questions of yes/no can manipulate your stand. 10 candidate went for an interview through a computer aptitude test and the questions were picked at random and the balance scorecard standard revealed that those with low scores were advised that they may not be as competent as others but one of the managers place them of brainstorming and analytical questions and the coordinator was surprised to see that those with lower scores were more competent than others.

If the coordinator of that exams places a bet with the manager he would have lost that money which still reveals my One piece of the puzzle I discovered was **A Subjective Feeling Of Power Will Most Times Leads To Over-precision. Many that primed to feel powerful actually lost money betting on their knowledge and those who did not feel powerful made less risky bets and did not lose money.

In conclusion, leaders do you want to come out of this killer habit and become an effective leader? You need to start bringing people around you that critiques your actions. Are you shock? See as power holder, one of the smartest thing you might ever do is to bring people together who will always inspect your thinking and make sure those fellow are those that not afraid to challenge your ideas. But one thing you need to know, the irony of this is that the more powerful those people become the fewer help leaders will think they need. Do you get that point? Yes, power is an elixir and it like self-esteem that enhances drug that surges through the brain to tell you how great and powerful your ideas are. Be careful and don't allow that killer inside Power finish your career because powerful persons are vulnerable to making overconfident decisions which that sometimes lead them to dead-end alleys.

Thank you.

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