Don't Be The Nice Guy...

in #psychology2 years ago

Where do you look for the most valuable thing....Where you don't know where it is. It's precisely through the portal that you do not want to climb through.

There's things about ourselves that are underdevelopped and we don't want to look at. Each one has these spots. Unique to each one. The thing is - there's a real character that can be born in going into our own monstrosity. To see the dark side of our shadow self so to speak.

The ugliness of mind if you will....

To have a certain amount of self-respect means you will not put up with less than...
That can be regarded as mean and or disrespectful to others...because you are taking the position of saying, what you will and will not tolerate.

You got to have a real spine about you to say what you will and will not tolerate. To have a certain amount of self-regard to say yes and no...and not to compromise your yes and no for anyone.

The real journey is to go into our flaws...our takes a real courage and honor.

Your greatest friend and your worst enemy....
Tyranical....yet with immense benefits....

The good tyrant and the good king,,,,

These concepts and much more are expanded on in the lecture by Jordan Peterson, "Don't Be The Nice Guy"

Showcases a real regard for gratitude and wisdom through the process of introspection.

Share your perspectives - best regards.

Sometimes sharing makes all the difference in your best life.


You fucking nailed it. Very inspirational!! Well done!

More and more men are walking off the plantation.

"We don ' t need no education, we dont 't need noch pussy control!"


"All we need is just another brick in the Mall" :)

that's very true point you have to learn to fight for not to fight, I can even relate it to the Cold War, nuclear power of both countries stopped them from starting the actual war.

"Know thyself, and you will know the Universe and the Gods"

We have to place our self-worth upon our consciousness, not our ego, lest we be dissuaded from earnest introspection and making the necessary changes. Way t' be, r-m!

A smoke filled room...with the aroma of coffee in the air. I sit down for the next hour and I pull out a pack of smokes. A dude asks if I can have one. I give. Someone else hears, then she asks. A few meetings pack is gone. This repeats the same... day after day. Even though I move to different spots in each meeting...I begin to notice the cast of usual suspects finds seats near to me. I don't know how to say no so I suffer in silence.

I finally, in desperation ask an old timer how to keep my cigs. He says..."Are you sure you want to know?". I say sure. "Next time someone asks...tell them..."Sorry I only have 19 left." This makes no sense to me but I thank him and go on to the next meeting. Soon enough a familar voice in a familiar face...asks for a cig.'Sorry dude...I only have 19 left.'. The look on his face. You should have seen it.The double blink. The double take. Then the resentment colours his face and he looks away. Same with her in the next setting. All through the day, next week and works like a bloody charm. Perfection.


And the cast of usual suspects stop sitting near me. I adopt it into my repertoire of new behaviours in a new life and slowly begin to learning that saying no will not kill me. 28 years later an old cast member of the usual supects sees me on the street. 5 seconds into the conversation he says..."Hey still an asshole?" Without batting an eye...I say yes. Ah. The sweet fragrance of perfection.

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