Journal of Psychology. Is the soul and body unity or struggle?!

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Is the soul and body unity or struggle?!

Let's talk about the relationship between mental and bodily processes.

Any of our experiences - resentment, anger, mental suffering, joy, ecstasy - is reflected by changes in the body. The stoop, muscle clamps, habitual inclination of the head, a skew of the shoulders or hips - traces of mental traumas and experiences.

Attention to the body, to his posture, helps in many life situations. Here is an example: you need to make an important call. If you sit on the tip of the chair with a minimal support and tense legs, you will have uncertain notes in your voice, you will sound constrained, get lost on the asking tone. If you call before it tight, all the booty, is placed on a chair, put on the floor with both feet, barely breathe, you will have a calm, confident tone, that will create a certain mood of the interlocutor. And even if this time you are denied something important for you, from such a "weighty" position to survive the refusal will be easier.

The body is the map of our life. There is a verified system in which each part of the body corresponds to our universal human functions. If we draw a dividing line along the spine and divide the body into the right and left halves, the right one is responsible for our social contacts, social life, reflects our interpersonal interactions. The left half is our feelings and emotions, ideas about ourselves, inner life.

Do an experiment - stand on one leg - on which foot is it easier for you to keep balance? If on the right - you are now well balanced with your surroundings. If on the left - you today have harmony with your feelings. If the balance of the problem - you need to calm down, slowly breathe, sitting firmly on the chair, and try again ...

From what in the body there are muscle clamps and distortions? From the fact that civilization forces us to suppress our natural reactions to stress. If the animal is scared, what does it do? Runs away. And if you get angry? It attacks. And we?

The boss yells at us, we are out of habit, head down, we shift from foot to foot - this is at best! - and patiently wait, when released from the execution. In this case, we have either a lump in the throat or a spasm in the abdomen. We are tense. Are confined. And then - a headache, constipation, cough ... All this is a reaction to stress. How to be? If you depend on this materialist materially? Or career? Position in the firm? And there is no opportunity to stand up for yourself? I was in such cases supported by a child's thing - fig behind your back or in your pocket ... On the one hand - here's to you! On the other hand, when we are yelling at us and we are sincerely worried, we are feeding this yoke. His fear, defenselessness. And fig - the magic lock - try, bite!

And, of course, when we are more or less calm, it makes sense to try to figure out how much we really depend on frightening, humiliating bosses, husbands, lovers, etc. After all, our ideas about threats are very often excessive. Fears are far-fetched.

I highly recommend after traumatic contact or event to move. Take a deep breathe. If we are very angry, it would be good to rummage somewhere in nature - but this is possible. Go to the house at a quick pace, canceling for today a minibus. Closed in the room and beat - popinat pillow. Spill offense and anger at something inanimate. Otherwise, after all, you can get close ones - you have to place somewhere somewhere ... Or it will turn up some wits.

Unfortunately, in the culture of our generation the body is either taken to scold or ignore its needs and needs. I'm glad if you really love yourself, are filled with gratitude to your body and support it always. However, the experience of most other ... How do we usually look at ourselves in the mirror? Quietly, as to the guilty, not justifying our expectations and hopes. Delinquent stretch marks on the hips, folds at the waist, wrinkles around the eyes ... All, continue to refuse!

Psychologists have repeatedly conducted surveys of women, from which it became clear that most of us evaluate their appearance much worse than they actually look. But the body is the home of our heart and soul, the most accessible source of pleasure!

I myself have been sinning all my life ... I once spent a group, and such an exercise was born: every morning, no matter what the mirror shows, smile to yourself and say: "Hello, beauty!" Of course, she herself began to do this every morning, and the group then responded that the morning, begun with such a greeting, is happier ... And imperceptibly, day after day, the positive in admitting yourself is added ...

And how do you like the idea of thanking your feet, for supporting you all your life? Hands, for the fact that so many things are useful and useful? Belly for giving life to your children? Popu for the fact that it is so convenient to sit? A neck for the fact that she can proudly carry your head? You can continue for a long time...

And even if the body sometimes brings us, is sick, refuses to overexert or meet obtrusive standards, be lenient towards it. Try to hear what it is trying to warn you against, which it protests with its signals.

Talk to the body, listen to his needs, caress his fragrant bathroom, fragrant cream, nice new thing. And it will respond. Pleases you with a new muscle tone, willingness to serve you faithfully...

Author - Irina Lopatuhina

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist


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в здоровом теле - здоровый дух... к сожалению, пословица работает и в обратном направлении. Если проблемы в душе, то начинают проявляться и болезни какие-то физические

Good article. This is a simple - a mental reaction generates physiological, and vice versa. We can take another position of body with the help of our will and therefore we can change our condition..

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