How To Interview Like A Pro!

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I'm conducting an interview tonight with this band on Facebook. Youtube has amazing videos on how to do things.

Conan did an interview with Larry King some years ago I believe because Conan and Larry King both look pretty young in it.

Larry says the following:

  1. Leave yourself out of it - don't use the word "I"
  2. Short questions
  3. Listen to the answers - listening is as important as asking
  4. Stay on top of things
  5. Put guests at ease
  6. Be insanely curious

Start questions with phrases such as...
Whats it like when you...
How do you deal with this dilemma...

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I have some good idea that will be useful for you. The STAR approach. here it is,

S= discuss about the situation, the background situations and the like. for example "when I was in "X" organization working as "y" job title..........

T= the target; what was the objectives/targets you were responsible to ahieve working in "y" job title

A= what was the activities, actions, skills, behaviours ......that position required

R= what kind of result achieved, success .........


Thank YOU, I interviewed this band called The Matchboxes yesterday.

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