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I Don't know how many of you steemians have, or know people with disorders. I'm talking about all types of disorders such as physical, such as paralysis, or mental like depression. I'll let you in on a not so big secret, the mental ones are not very easy to spot, but they exist. I am willing to bet someone in your immediate family has a mental disorder; they are very common. 

I want to focus mainly on OCD, which I know much about having experienced others with it first hand. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is NOT washing your hands for hours until the skin is raw. It can be, but that is not all it is. There are five types of OCD which you can research on your own. Without diving into them, OCD can be either obsessive or compulsive or both. The obsessive type is what I know well...

Pacing, talking to self, trying to rationalize what you did or how you feel are all things my good friend did. He would spend his summers doing all of these things because he felt guilty or wrong or ashamed of things he did as a kid or five minutes ago. To a person from the outside, this could seem easy to move on or stupid even. Not to him. To him and everyone who shares his disorder, it is everything. They can't move on without confessing it or rationalizing it. Tears and pain over "silly" past events. If you do any of these things or know anyone who does, there is help and you can find it. 

     - Talk to a trusted person who won't judge you. Sometimes all you need is to get it off your chest.

     - Write it in a prayer journal, and give it over to God. Giving your problems to a higher power takes the stress away as you no longer need to struggle with things that seem like you have no control over. 

     - Find a therapist. This takes talking to someone to the next level, speaking to a well educated and capable person who has experience with treating the issue. One great God-Centered organization located in southeastern Pennsylvania is called the Peacemaker Center. Visit them at

     - See a Psychiatrist. These medical psychologists can prescribe medication to treat all types of mental disorders.  The medication my friend uses is Prozac, which also can be used to treat depression. These prescriptions come in all doses, so it may take a while to find the dosage right for you, but don't give up. 

You can achieve anything. You can overcome your disability with the right help. Make 2018 the year your life changes. You are not alone. Stay strong and fight. I hope this will help people get the help they need. Contact me for any personal assistance. 

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through him who strengthens me.


Very interesting. Thanks for this.

I suffered from OCD some years back. I was on the meds and went through therapy, CBT too. It didn't work. It took the rough edges off, but it didn't solve the problem. I didn't try God because I'm not a believer...

I was a vegan/vegetarian for 17 years. This resulted in malnutrition of sorts. Eventually, I returned to a natural diet which included meat and other animal products. It solved the entirety of my mental disorders, including anxiety. There are essential nutrients lacking in the vegetarian diet AND the Standard American Diet. When you eat a natural diet of good quality animal products, your body heals itself.

2 years later -- no need for any medication. Nutrition is key.

Wow... thanks for giving a personal touch. I have never tried not eating meat (and I don't plan on it!) but that makes sense. I can't make anyone believe in something but I know it definitely helps... I do encourage it. OCD is a pain but it can be conquered. Just as you said though, there are many, many different causes for the suffering from genetics to lack of nutrition. Thank you for your comment!

You're welcome. Thanks for posting an interesting piece. Yeah, I don't recommend going without meat for more than, say, 8 hours :D

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