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When We Are Wrong about Politics or Investments or Anything

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That is a pretty bold statement-- to say Identity comes from Spirituality... This is to mean, that spirituality: whether it be the belief in nothing, or a very dogmatic religion, or a free flowing abundant energy, whatever it is that lays under us as the base of foundation and meaning of existence -- when it comes to changing a mind, or truly admitting a fault we are asked to revisit this base layer.

What comes before us, what comes before individuality = spirituality (or nothing, either way), but that etherial base is what our identity is "built" upon (like blockchain-- just kidding). But that base upon which we build can feel under attack as time brings up new information, conflicts, failures and it is like an earthquake. We learn to adapt and be more fluid and rebuild after wrongs. I feel like the concept that is introduced in my writing is to visualize the process of going within and recognizing why admitting failure can be so difficult. When you start seeing the big picture, that we are moving through these various layers together as people, that we get frustrated when people don't understand us right away-- it's because it takes time to process through the layers. Forgiveness can take a year or more depending on what level of depth it involves working with. But we can protect ourselves, be less afraid, see that we don't have to give up what we aren't ready to or can't, and be seeing the layers we can pin point why.

In summary: Individuality comes from the depth of mystery and returns there. Failures, disagreements, faults, and conflicts return us to that base, and there will be where forgiveness is found and openings will occur. And "if not" then this is acceptable also, but one still has to journey to the baseline.

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