The Point Of View Of Luck

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You probably also know this from yourselves: days when everything doesn't go as it should, days when everything goes wrong. Sometimes you wonder if you could help your luck a little.

The phenomenon of luck not only fascinates us, it is also a constant companion of us and is felt differently by everyone. When some people see luck as something supernatural, others believe that it is just coincidence and others only believe that it is a kind of imagination and there are people who ask themselves the question, whether luck could not have something to do with the attitude of a person and whether it depends on the psyche?

Researchers are dedicated to the subject and try to get to the bottom of luck, and they have taken up exactly this topic and tried to fathom whether one can measure luck, what the scientific background looks like and whether one can actively influence it. Some researchers believe that what we define as luck is not at all a probability, but more dependent on a person's psychology. According to this, optimists should have the most luck, because with their positive attitude they should recognize more situations and moments as results of luck.

Prof. Steven D. Hale from Bloomsburg University is of this opinion and he claims that luck is a matter of view. In his study, the professor wanted to find out whether the optimists consider events to be the result of luck, while pessimists in the same situation focus on bad luck. They were presented with events in which a person experienced special luck - such as the story of a man who survived an accident unharmed.

The optimists pointed to the luck that had arrived, while the pessimists gave more credit to the accident's misfortune. This clearly showed that the attitude and the view of things, situations and events are defined more easily and better with luck and therefore optimists feels happier, which also makes the person happier general in his life.

Prof. Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire claims that luck is not something created by nature with paranormals, but something that people create with their thoughts and behaviour. Those who feel persecuted by bad luck are more afraid and less open to new opportunities. Those who consider themselves lucky, on the other hand, should rather recognize new possibilities and positivity and thus experience more happiness. That doesn't necessarily make them more successful, but it makes them pleased in their life.

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Well, I also seem to be on the optimistic side. This is due to certain experiences on some occasions. I believe one's optimistic thinking has a greater chance to become reality.

è vero. hai ragione. bisogna essere ottimisti e cercare di avere tanta buona volontà. i momenti brutti arrivano sempre ma per metterci alla prova. sta a noi decidere come affrontarli. grazie


Luck huh... That's quite the complicated subject. Honestly, I doubt anyone could crack its secrets.

word sound power!! magical how our minds can affect our realities. beautiful post sac.png

It's so easy to go down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

and unfortunately, it's even harder to find your way back out :/

This article totally depicted the truth. I do not believe in anything paranormal that can change a bad destiny into a flourishing one, but I do believe that everything relies on our perception. I believe in the concept of attraction. Positive thoughts draw positive results, and negative thoughts draw bad energy.

i also believe in the law of ressonance. for some people it is like something mystical or spiritual but no, it's like you say, good attracts good and bad attracts bad. that's how it is and everybody can try it out for himself. :)

La suerte es una cuestión de actitud

of course @linita70

Hi, @oendertuerk. Feeling lucky is so strong that you only see the positive facts and discard the negatives as bad luck.

it is not easy and setimes not possible but it is feasible

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences researches topics such as luck:

thank you, i will take a look at it :)

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