Why Being Open is Hard Work

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When Nathan said I could use his blog, I imagined building an audience catered to him. But as I got going I realized I am in no way capable of that. Nathan is Science while I am Art. We are yin and yang and that's what makes us work. So, while Nathan is taking his time thinking up apps and such for Steemit, I am going to embrace who I (@shawnamawna) am and share what I share.

Today I'm thinking about vulnerability and how easy it is to shut down. I don't want to be a person who is closed off, but because I have experienced trauma that trained me to defend by cutting off all access, I have to work hard to stay open.

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To stay open is to consciously choose vulnerability.

The trick to this is knowing that, even when vulnerable, you are still in power over your experience. The states seem at odds: vulnerable and empowered. But the truth is vulnerability is necessarily empowered because it requires tremendous courage to be emotionally exposed.

Not everyone in the world is kind. Courage can come from knowing that we can be kind to ourselves. If you are feeling small and frightened because the world is big and mean, remember that you are important. You have whatever value you give yourself.

Now imagine yourself receiving a warm hug. That is what I'm offering you. You deserve it.




Hey...I needed that hug.
Being vulnerable is scary. Staying open is embracing both the joy and pain that the risks in life brings. I guess that's what makes us alive...right?
Awesome post....:)

I needed that warm hug 🤗.
I was starting to loose faith in myself,
Starting to become vulnurable to every criticism,
Starting to feel exposed, starting to feel like nobody,
Starting to feel less of me

Thank u so much for making this post and sharing it! It's kind to know someone feels like you too, and reminds you at the same time not to be so hard on yourself and that it's ok to feel anxious but you have to keep going and remember your power. You put a smile on my face

A big hug for you too! Thank you from Venezuela

Being vulnerable can hurt sometimes, but it also brings out your best enjoyment of life and is necessary for growth. I try to reflect on what has hurt me in the past and learn from it.

Thank you, I needed that hug right now.

Beautifully said. Vulnerability is so important for a healthy life and healthy relationships but it can also be one of the hardest things to practice.

Thanks for expressing your thoughts this morning (it's just 7am here in Nigeria).

It's certainly something to begin my day with. The courage from kindness part reminds me of Passenger' Home. The he said, "it takes courage to learn how to cry"

Like you said, it takes courage to be vulnerable. And I choose courage this morning. Thanks for the hug too

I hope you don't make Nathan's blog too artsy! :D He may decide to post some time later and followers would wonder.
Good idea to keep the blog busy though.
"Not everyone in the world is kind" are as true as night and day. The courage to continue being nice when others disappoint you or wrong you deeply is what makes one really kind. And I never refuse a warm hug from those who are grateful for such kindness.