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RE: The Fallacies of our Brain: False Memories

in #psychology5 years ago

So interesting, I have read about this, everytime you remember something you are changing your memory, little by little until it is not more than imagination. The problem is when you are recreating sometimes you do it in a way that is not good for you. We how to be carefull of how we are remembering things.


Sadly we are not in a conscious control of how we create the neurological paths in our brain, so we can't be careful about what to remember :(
Thanks for your thoughts :)

You’re right but we can be careful with the thoughts that we have about our memories.
We can train our brain and create new neural pathways to begin to remember in a differente way. metacognition... NLP
I wish my English were better in order to explain my point better 
Thank you for this interesting topic :)

No problem. Thank you for stopping by and your attention :)

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