Being a Good Listener

in #psychology3 years ago

Hy guys!!


First of all, I want to say about the meaning of the good listener himself, according to and Crambidge dictionary: a good listener is someone who gives attention when you talk about your problem or something that worries you, and tries to understand and support you.

In the book Bernard Ferrari author power listening: Mastering the Most Critical Listening Skill of All, a good listener is the key to developing insights, new ideas that drive success.

Then does being a good listener matter? Of course! most successful people are good listeners. meaning that they will not spend all day listening to others, but they always try to put themselves into being good listeners under various circumstances.

Being a good listener is very profitable, because it is able to bring us to various stories that we never go through. so we can observe, explore, and analyze the story.

Good listeners are wise because they do not become selfish, they are people who respect the other person, do not interrupt, meaning letting the speaker finish his words without trying to look smart or pretentious. Respect is the main thing for a good listener, because it will make the speaker freely express his feelings.

A good listener is certainly a successful person, because they are people who observe and know how to be a wise decision maker.