The Power Of Our Words And Cleaning Our Internal Dialogue

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As a disclaimer, I am an amateur student of positive psychology. I am nowhere near an expert. But I do take positive psychology ideas and try them to improve my life. I also share these ideas with friends and I see beautiful results.

I had to learn these positive psychology ideas, tips and tricks, after some very painful life events. I had to find a way to rebuild my self confidence. I won't go into much detail, as the purpose of this article is to share some concepts that are (hopefully) useful to others.

Words, especially the ones we use when we talk to ourselves (come on, I know you do it too ;), have tremendous power over the quality of our life..

Our internal dialogue can either make us or break us. It can either strengthen our self esteem or shatter it to pieces.

As someone who's been through both tremendous emotional lows and highs (yeah, after a while, life happens to each of us), I have come to acknowledge that it's very important to start using the right kind of words.


Well, it's because words are where our mental focus goes. Repeated long enough, the words we keep saying to ourselves, in our own head, tend to become beliefs.

And ultimately, our beliefs shape the life we live and also the quality of it.

No two people see the world in the same way. They might agree upon a common set of beliefs, but they will never have 100% the same beliefs.

(of course, I am aware that this is actually my belief about other people's beliefs, but I digress)

How to cleanup our internal dialogue?

The first step to clean up our internal dialogue is to interrupt the pattern of thoughts that is habitually running inside our heads.

Yes, running like software :D

And I've found no better way to interrup mental processes, other than good ol' Meditation. As it happens, I did write a quick how-to about meditation, several months ago, here on Steemit. I'll drop a link by the end of the article.

Practicing meditation will create space in our thinking processes. And this space in thinking will allow us to install new beliefs, about ourselves and about the world we live in.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders - Lao Tzu

In a way, beliefs are sort of like mental software. The more we entertain certain beliefs, the more we will seek evidence that what we believe is actually true.

It's all happening subconsciously, without us even realizing it. Our brain does it auto-magically for us. The human brain is a master at automation.

The words we speak have tremendous power because they become part of our internal dialogue.

So, what does your subconscious mind seek more proof of?

Does it seek proof of how smart, generous, amazing, sexy and incredible you are?

Or does it seek proof of something else, that doesn't quite serve you?

Our internal dialogue is a form of self-hypnosis

The moment we start improving our internal dialogue, we actually start installing new beliefs.

And with those new beliefs, we also start taking new actions, to support those beliefs and to provide new evidence that what we believe is true.

Taking actions aligned with those new beliefs will create a new kind of life for us.

So, when's the last time you checked the quality of your internal dialogue?

When's the last time you tried being more kind and more patient to yourself?

If you take care of your mind, it will be an excellent servant.

If not …

Anyway, here's the link I've promised:

Quick Meditation Guide

Take care, be a cake.

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My internal dialogue is often that of a stressed and distracted monkey haha


I totally understand you @sixexgames, sometimes I too function sometimes like that. But after 2-3 days of meditation it all clears and I'm zen. Then back to "civilization" then monkey mode again. Then rinse and repeat. But man, those days after meditation.. just wow, the feeling of intense presence, of living the moment, no matter how it is.. that's amazing.

great work.
keep it going. you got yourself a new follower :)


Thank you, @hossary, I added you as well.

cool post.

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Great post :) glad we can support each other :)


Thanks! Well, as long as I enjoy your articles, I will upvote them. I'm waiting for my power to regen a bit and I'll visit again in 1-2 days. Cheers!


No problem @munteanu, I would rather have the networking and community building first! Money comes and goes! See you around as you are now on my feed :)


Alrighty, thanks!