What is a Trauma Imprint? Do I have any and how do they effect me?

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Many people in greatly varied fields of study have described trauma imprints and their effects. They have also been called Karmic imprints, psychological trauma, miasms, emotional and mental “scars” that leads to a condition commonly referred to now as PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Trauma imprints seem to only be created from events that we would call “negative” or “undesirable”. They seem not to be conceived from events that we would regard as Neutral or Positive.

Trauma imprints are created when we experience a Negative event that involves the person feeling one or more of the following emotions: Shame, guilt, fear, humiliation, pain, terror, anguish, grief, loss, agony etc. When a person is experiencing a particular event they would describe as negative or undesirable the, mind / psyche records all of the sensual data associated with that event- the sights, sounds, textures, smells, temperatures, flavors, colors and any other perceptual data occurring at that time. Hence an “Imprint” is formed in the persons mind / psyche. At a future time when a person then re-encounters stimuli that are the same or similar to the stimuli present when the Imprint was created then that will often cause the person to “re-live” the event or have a “flash-back”. The person will very often start to feel the same negative feelings and or physical ailments that were associated with that event. They may or may not be consciously aware of why they are suddenly experiencing various negative feelings and emotions (because of triggering of the Trauma Imprint).


A lady, when she was a teenager is violated by a invader in her home- she is badly beaten, and felt terrified. The assailant wears a navy blue jumper, a red baseball cap, smells of Vodka, attacks her with a metal pipe, uses various phrases while he attacks her. All the while there is a thunderstorm outside and a particular song playing on the radio whilst this event is occurring. The Trauma imprint has the ingredients of all of these physical and audible stimuli.
At any time and most likely all times in the future when she encounters a person wearing a Navy Blue jumper or red baseball cap, has a whiff of vodka, sees or hears the clang of a metal pipe, hears any of the phrases he used, experiences a thunder storm or hears the song that was playing in the background while she was attacked – then she will most likely begin to feel some or all of the physical and emotional pain that she felt during the attack. She may or may not realize that the sudden discomfort she feels is because there is one or more stimuli in her environment that is causing her to re-experience the past event as if were actually happening all over again in the present time. If she is aware that she has a trauma imprint created from this event then that is half the battle- the other half is finding a way to clear the imprint so that she is no longer “held hostage” from the various stimuli that are the same or similar enough to re-trigger the Trauma imprint into “activation”. Then she will be free to live life without being “re-traumatized” by her surrounding environment.


Many people on the planet have experienced so many negative and traumatic events- beginning in-utero, that they may go through their entire adult years living with a modus operandi that is full of constant fear, anxiety, pain, stress, worry etc, because their environment is full of stimuli that trigger some past traumatic event. They experience the negative effects of these Trauma imprints practically on a continuous basis.
This is commonly referred to now, as PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
They constantly live in fight or flight mode, which progressively destroys their health.
They may not even be aware of why “they are this way”, since it seems like “this is the way it has always been”. Often, this constant barrage of “ghosts from the past” may lead a person suffering from Chronic Trauma disorders to attempt to “escape the pain” by engaging in disruptive or self-destructive coping mechanisms such as drug abuse.

In part II I will give a simple technique to clear trauma imprints that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Very few people in the psychology field even know about this tool. It is simple and easy to check whether it has worked for you.

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