What do you do when your government is a terrorist ?

in psychology •  last year

Terrorism is defined in the dictionary as: "The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion".

But what if your government and media are systematically using terror as means of coercion?

What if: every day you wake up to state-sanctioned propaganda telling you to be aware and on the look out for terrorist attacks in your city? And what if the media organisations spreading this message are the real terrorists? What if they are systematically using terror as a means of coercion by turning every public act of violence by every mentally ill person into a global narrative of fear and hate?

What if your government has no idea what they are doing? What if they know this, and they're scared you know it too?

What if your government is run by traumatized children, grown up into adults, desperate for money and power to fill the deep void in their psyches? What if they are fighting other grown-up traumatized children 'leading' other countries?

What if the newspapers and TV stations are run by other traumatized children, all acting out their inner fears by re-creating their childhoods in a narrative that keeps everyone scared, so that nobody questions their symbolic 'parents'.

What if government is the external manifestation of a society's subconscious relationship with its parents?

What if you're scared that when you tell your government they have no idea what they are doing, they will hit you? Or kill you.

What if this fear is so deep, and subconscious, and well-concealed, that you think government is the natural order of things? What if you think that power, control and violence are the natural way of human relationships?

What if terrorists raised you?

What if you became a bit like them too? What if you're scared to face this?

What if you live in a community of terrorists, and that community has a flag, and a country and a song and a president?

Would you even realise you were a terrorist?

And if you did: What then?

Would you say stop? Would you know how to say stop?

Would they let you say stop?

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Pretty deep!! sometimes a question already contains an answer... think about it on ALL questions!

Hehe, nice one! People are stuck in a false perception of what is happening in reality, and questions like these should really be asked. Resteemed.


Thanks @krnel – It's been very interesting for me waking up to 'reality' by peeling back the layers of conditioning by the culture I was once trapped within.

step 1:
step 2:
step 3:

Love it! Definitely rEsteemed.
It's a scathing expose on the reality of things.
Duck and cover people. It's all about to roll out!


Thanks @frankbacon
Glad it resonated :)

a beautifully framed exposé of the psyche of nationalism and systemic insecurity at its roots


Thanks for the compliment @nik9 - Yes, nationalism and a culture of fear is undermining so much human creativity. Hopefully things will change with awareness.

Leave or planning to leave !


Thanks for reading @cannabissativa

Yes, sometimes exiting a system is the best way to protest against it.


I agree. People shouldn't be willing to participate in a hugely corrupt system. Sadly almost all governments are highly corrupt.

But together we can change the world!

I think we have to laugh it out of existence - and out compete it. How hard can that be? Especially with the tools we have now.

"Muh roads?" Can't we just build a crowd sourcing platform with one of these cryptos and make everything voluntary and completely transparent?

Why, yes. Yes, we can.


Thanks @diggndeeper.com
Yes, I feel like we can design and create our way free.

In my face and personal. Just what I needed.
Raised on Agitprop "agitation" and "propaganda" I didn't know that! Now what's a girl to do?

The U.S is one of the biggest terrorists in the world. Go look at history. I'm saying this as a citizen. If I'm being honest then go ahead and upvote this.


Thanks for this perspective @humanearl
The U.S. is notorious for committing acts of terrorism. Yet their crimes are small compared to what the British Empire did during colonialism. It's amazing how the dominant Western powers have disguised or ignored their histories of violence.


Well their brothers so the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

do what Guy Fawkes did and take down parliment!


Thanks for reading, @nabes

I wonder how things would be different if Guy Fawkes' plan had worked back in 1605.

The government were clearly terrified of the idea. I remember, as a kid, being encouraged to burn an effigy of him on a bonfire.


yea my mum had to do the same thing for Guy Fawkes day instead of halloween she says. but if he had succeed, i think we would live in a much different these days, a better one!

I like this a lot.
Many questions make one answer.
Upvote and Resteemed.
Thank you.

I'll put here a quote from my next post:
Fascism is not coming it is already here, and the fascistic figures emerging in alt right and left movements and winning elections are the proof that the voluntary servitude of the growing conservative masses are just creating conditions for the emergence of characters with Hitlers's pathological profile, calling for authoritarian "benevolent" dictators that appropriate self-ownership in the name of common good using violence, false nationalism and racism to propagate fear.
Normally these forces come after the end or scarcity of money or things like it happened in Germany before the emergence of fascism.

Reading this post reminded me of a book I didn't read since 1974 - Che Guevara in Guerilla Warfare
"When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law; peace is considered already broken."
"Our task at the moment is to find the basic principles of this kind of fighting and the rules to be followed by peoples seeking liberation; to develop theory from facts; to generalize and give structure to our experience for the profit of others."


Thanks for your thoughts @charlie777pt

Looking forward to your post.

Few people want to admit they spent their entire lives duped by a terrorist regime into believing it was a real government instead of the terrorist regime it really is. That is too much for most people to accept or to deal with, so they deny and defend. It's really quite sad.

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