What are you in control of?

in #psychology2 months ago

There are only four things in life that you are in control of. They are your 'thoughts', 'actions', 'decisions', and 'being present in the now'. Nothing else is in your control. Some people might say: " what do you mean?!! My thoughts are not in my control". That is partially true, but as long as you are conscious and aware of your thoughts, then you can consciously direct your thoughts towards whatever you want to think about.
Nothing else is in our control.... Some might say, how about my emotions? The answer is No. You cannot say: "I am angry but I want to become happy now"... it won't work. Or you cannot say "I am sad, but lets become guilty instead". Emotions come on their own. You can influence your emotions by changing the way you think (thinking can be in our control), that is all.
Our body, goals, dreams, other people, work situations, etc. are not in our control. So instead of carrying this heavy weight that we should be in control of everything in our lives, lets put this heavy weight down off our shoulders, take a deep breath and realize that we are only in control of these four things. They are limited but very powerful.
Ask yourself how can I use this understanding to bring myself out of worry and anxiety and shift my consciousness towards a more present and healthier state? Let me know what you think and in the next post I will explain how to manage your anxiety and stress by taking into practice the limits of your control.


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