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Five Pointers on How to become a Professional EFT Tapping Practitioner

in psychology •  last year 

My mom has panic attacks and told me out of the blue that she'd heard of tapping and was interested in learning about it. Do you have a recommendation for where to go to apply tapping to self? Or is it something you should always go to a professional for?

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There are a number of options here Christine. First, perhaps I could help your mom for a session or two. I don't really take clients anymore but I could help out since it is your mom. I also have several thousand graduates at my disposal so I could point a practitioner your mom's way. I even have students who are practicing for their certification who need experience so perhaps they could help her out for free if she is in a position where paying is stressful. If she prefers to tap on herself, there are tons and tons and tons of videos on youtube that can teach her the basics. Tapping will definitely help. The reality is that panic attacks generally get worse instead of better and I personally have never heard of a way to successfully stop them in their tracks besides tapping. So your mom would do well to give it some consideration. If I can help, let me know.