Marry Yourserlf Ceremony

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The Truth is you can’t even marry yourself if you don’t have anything to offer yourself, so that means you don’t have anything to give yourself or anybody, therefore you can’t marry yourself or anybody at all and so you’re gonna be lonely. (because you’re gonna be filling an empty cup with emptiness).

Are you ready for the kind of unconditional love that makes your belly button shiver with sweet chills?

You’re probably tired of unfulfilled relationships, you can’t seem to find that one person that will adore you and make you feel happy.

You want to be happy
You want to be proved to that you’re worthy
You want to be proved to that you’re lovable
You want to be proved to that you’re complete.

But do you feel all this within yourself?

How can someone else give you something that you don’t feel within yourself? Does that sound real and genuine?

You need to understand that the world is a reflection of you and you just need to first FEEL what you actually want to feel to secure and ensure the feeling is real and eternal.

Self-love is powerful and it is the only true way to creating what you desire because to create what you desire you just have to feel it first and loving yourself is the way to feeling it truly.

There are so many books on relationships. How to get a woman, how to keep a man, how to find your lover, how to be the best lover.

But I can’t seem to understand why very few tells you that your relationship with yourself is the foundation of your relationship with others.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

You can have the most awesome partner in the world, but if you don’t have you, you don’t have anything! No one can make you feel worthy if you yourself don’t know your worth.

You’re the one you’ve been seeking out for as when you’re in a good relationship with yourself it reflects in your relationship with others.

What really happens when you marry yourself?

When you marry yourself you connect to the source of completeness, this source of completeness has ever been within you, yet you were never aware of this powerful force you carry.
You become whole, you become full, you no longer need someone outside to assess or validate you.

From this point you already have love in your heart and instead of consciously seeking out for love, you go into relationships with others from a place of sharing the love you already have in your heart, rather than just seeking love outside.

In this powerful ceremony, you learn that marrying yourself leads to manifesting an amazing relationship with your partner, because when you start to first FEEL what you want to feel from your relationship you then start to see the evidence of it in your relationship with your partner.


No one can truly give you the love and affection you desire unless you marry yourself first, and to marry yourself you have to have something to offer yourself, you have to have something within yourself, which is Love.

Unfortunately, this is an important concept of life that people seem to forget or overlook everytime, but those days are over as you have officially gotten an invitation to A Marry Yourself Ceremony.

Go Marry Yourself!