"Brain Worship" Has Turned Society Into Gullible Pawns of Psychology

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Suicides are on the rise. Psychological problems are spreading like a viral disease with more and more people being affected. At the same time, there is long standing belief that "The Brain" is just some massive complicated yet power machine that we cannot understand. This awe though is not based on understanding, but on ignorance. Ironically, we believe we can heal and help people even if we don't understand how something works. Not only that, we make sure through state policies to label these treatments are legitimate and push people into accepting them.

The Brain is not some kind of elaborate machine. It is a self replicating blob of neurons that was developed based on the function of breeding, eating and shitting. It's functioning is based primarily on the gut, something that most of psychology and psychiatry has been ignoring for the 50 years. Only recently, we have findings that provide explanations ranging from depression to anxiety, heck even autism and psychopathy, all directly linked to some physiological problem that takes place in the stomach, not the brain.

Psychology and Psychiatry suffer from what I call "Brain Worship". There is this assumption that just because we don't understand how the brain works we think we can address the problems people are faced with. Usually if one does not understand well how something works, they don't push their findings into policies that make drugs that can consequently impact the lives of others. Yet, we do.

There is no study that confirms psychology is bullshit. There can never be. But if we examine the evidence closely we discover that most research on psychology (and even psychiatry) cannot be replicated. That is the most important facet of science. This is what science is all about. If you get this part wrong then you are not performing science but rather a self-deceptive act of narrative creation. The naive ones just accept the elephant in the room as an inevitability since the world is so complicated and the human brain is subject to myriads of interactions that affect its function.

Things that we took for granted and based entire volumes of research upon -- such as the role of neurotransmitters, the production of hormones, I.Q tests and so on, prove to be working completely different yet it is impossible for the field to accept error because most of the literature thereafter will be rendered obsolete. I can't even fathom the public legal armageddon that will occur. And so, we continue to build understandings based on false and/or obsolete knowledge.

Meanwhile the planet suffers from a literal psychiatric disorder epidemic, while they try to convince us that without psychology and psychiatry things would be even worse. A few ones with enough courage and inner strength to dump their dealer (psychiatrist) and on-pay friend (psychologist) are examples of what happens when you just walk away from this institutional fraud.

The fact is that these two fields alone create more problems and misery instead of solving them. But people still continue to take pills and ask advice from friends on pay because it is the easy way out. The situation perpetuates because of these two basic dynamics. The pharmaceutical conglomerates make fortunes on a market full of lazy addicts while the "scientific"section is sustained by inventing new disorders and solutions. Same exact dynamic exists in the rest of the market. The hackers that creates the virus also provides the anti-virus program. The billboard that advertises some useless gadget also promotes a narrative in regards to how much you need it in your life.

And yet, these arrogant ignoramuses, in a few decades will still say "we did not know any better", "science progresses on failures", or "we never doubted the gut's role" while now they do absolutely nothing to correct their course. And the damage is done. Anxious, depressed people popping pills while the message is "having a mental disease is nothing to be ashamed of". They want it to be normalized and accepted so that people will still power the machine that renders them incapacitated. A business can never go wrong with compliant and addicted customers to their product.


Yes, I agree with this. My country has a lot of suicides, besides suicide. There are still attacks until death.I think that is caused by chemicals in their brains.😰

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They start with babies already. It starts with sleeping pills and so on for the whole life.

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