Don't sweat the small stuff....and it's all small stuff.

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I have never been a person that is well equipped to deal with stress. With life experience, I have been able to find more effective ways to manage the stress. Life is stressful, unfortunately, there is no way to avoid stress altogether. I have four boys so my life has been pretty chaotic the last decade. These are a few things that work for me, maybe you will find them useful also.


Keeping Stress Minimal

  • Don't sweat the small stuff. If it doesn't actually matter, then don't let it. Let it go.

  • As the serenity prayer points out, accept the things you can not change. Some situations are things we simply don't have control of. Wash your hands of it and move on.

  • Be a fountain, not a drain. A positive attitude can go a long way. If you dwell in a place/situation filled with negativity, you will take on some of that negativity.

  • Create your own happiness. Happiness isn't something you have to depend on others (or materials, situations) to give to you. Happiness is something you can give to yourself.

  • Do something that makes your heart happie. For me that is singing, crocheting, fishing, exploring, or making art. It will look different for you. Find what makes you happie and do that.

  • Talk it out. Getting a different perspective on a situation, can sometimes help you work through it. Find someone you trust that loves you and get their opinion or simply vent to them. Support systems are important, build them.

  • It doesn't all have to be done right now. We live in a super rushed society that tells us "do it all NOW". Many things are not things that you need to be in panic mode over.

  • On that note, there is no such thing as waiting for the "right time". For your life to change, you have to effect change. Go out and cross things off your bucket list. Have kids, leave a toxic relationship, aquire a job you love. Do you.

  • No fucks given, not sorry" (Ted talk).
    Do not let yourself be obligated to things that you don't want to be. If you don't want to do it (and it's optional), don't. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, use them how you want to.
    If your plate is full, it's full.

Thank you for reading and as always, be kind.

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff..."
Richard Carlson Ph. D

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Depression is a bitch. I don't know if anyone feels the same as me, but depression just makes me feel numb, empty, no emotions. I feel neither sadness nor happiness and recently the only thing that's keeping me between the lines is writing. I never thought that writing would give me some much joy. If i never found out steemit, i would never even consider writing. Thanks for the wise words, Upvoted and resteemed.

Writing has always been an outlet for me as well. I wrote poetry a ton when I was a "lost" teen. I have even written a few songs. I never realize im even depressed until I am super low. Thanks for the upvote and resteem. I am glad writing has been beneficial to you.

The only way I tackle depression is track it down, -exactly what makes me feel depressed and exactly which thought or action or situation triggered it. Once I have done that it always seems to leave. The situation may still be there but the feeling of depression is out the door. Sometimes I will think of something so briefly while cooking or shopping or working... and get distracted and the thought is gone but the depression is there... I push my self to go back in my head and find the trigger... for me that relives the depression.. not necessarily the situation, I still may have to work through that but the crippling feeling leaves...I have used this method for 28 years. Thanks for listening :)

Sounds like a summary to something that I wrote for my Optimism series. All solid advice. Changed to 100% upvote and followed ;-)

Thanks whatamidoing...I will check out your optimism series.

I once learned a lesson. Say NO when you can't or won't do something.
BUT, when you say YES, you have to do it right. People count on you and you made a promise. So Yes means you do it all the way, not half, but to the best of your abilities. If you can't promise that, you have to say NO.

That is a solid piece of advice, thanks for sharing

Excellent advice @krazykrista!

Thanks sandzat!

I have pulled myself apart to know myself over the years and I agree with you post. Lately however, I have strangely stopped sweating the big stuff. I am not sure why but Scarlet O'Hara keeps coming to mind and I cannot believe how much it helps. I am wondering if somehow I am off the beaten path... I am going through a lot right now but I have been saying to myself " I will worry about that tomorrow" there was absolutely nothing I could do about the situations at the moment. Now the first two times there was a bit of shedding the old habits of worry, fear etc... now I take each day do what I can and accept what I cannot do. I hope this makes sense.. :) I feel so much better each day as I work through each major situation. Thank you for your post!

You are most welcome. Keep swimming. Everyone copes differently. If it works who cares why it does :)