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Happiness is not a gift of God, but what man achieves his inner fruitfulness" E. Frome

It is impossible to Wake up every morning thinking how great everything is and how nice it is to still live. You don't become worse because periodically you are attacked by a longing, a sense of hopelessness and wakes up craving for sweets. No one in the world, although every rule has exceptions, may not be wholly and permanently happy. You see, if we always lived a carefree and rosy, in the end, we'd be very tired.

Once daring, you can radically change your life. Happiness loves intelligent madmen, and, as Virgil said, "fortune favors the brave." Admit it, how many times have you wanted to leave the hated work? How many times have you looked through the photos from the journeys of other people, but they didn't order the plane ticket, although you had every opportunity to do so

You can't live happily, if all the time trembling with fear" by P. Holbach

Lead internal work on yourself !
To re-connect with the inner yourself . Approaches to this are totally different . For example ask yourself the question : What prevents me to osushestvleniya desired ? That complicates my life ? That spoils my emotional state ?. Vozmozhno by answering these questions you will find the answer that mesaet you to be happy .
Watch your thoughts and words !
Don't let yourself get stuck in negative thoughts ! When such a thought comes to you try to discard it and replace with positive

Live as you want!
It's your life and you decide how to live it not prezhivay the small stuff ! Remember all problems can be solved and there are no desperate situations . The courage and add a little patience, and then embarking on the journey of life and happiness will find you itself. One life, and no one better than you will not live !

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