MDMA for Beginners: A new zine from Psychedelic University

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Have you thought about using MDMA for self-therapy? We recently got this zine in. It's an illustrated guide that provides an introduction to using MDMA in a safe, supported, therapeutic setting. MDMA for Beginners takes the reader through the historical and social context in which MDMA was prohibited; and then provides information on how this powerful tool can be used to transform and heal our civilizations.

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What? MDMA is a party drug, it's not for healing!

Let's address the common misconception that MDMA is a party drug. In fact, using MDMA to party is probably the most wasteful thing you could do with it. It would be like using an industrial high-power laser beam to open a packet of potato chips: Funny and perhaps moderately interesting, but essentially wasting the huge potential of the tool.

If you're unfamiliar with the potential of MDMA to heal trauma and transform humanity, take a look at this video and see how you feel:

Ok, but isn't MDMA dangerous?

Scientists believe that MDMA is one of the least-dangerous drugs we know. But, like LSD, it has been demonized because it promotes compassion, expanded consciousness, and — most importantly — an understanding that our planet is held hostage by 'authorities'. Just like every other new technological advancement that threatened the patriarchy — like giving women the vote, or freeing black people from slavery — your governments often do everything they can to convince you that taking MDMA would be a Very Bad Idea.

Of course, certain precautions should be observed when taking MDMA: A safe, quiet space; a loving sitter to be present with you; making sure to stay hydrated etc.

But, is the extreme government propaganda surrounding MDMA based in scientific evidence? Let's see what this zine, MDMA for Beginners has to say on the topic:


MDMA for Beginners observes that The Lancet has published fairly convincing evidence that MDMA is one of the least harmful social drugs we know of. The astute reader may notice something odd at this point: What's that substance at the top of the chart? The one that causes the most harm to self and harm to others.


MDMA for Beginners makes the interesting point that our governments are drug dealers. Worldwide, governments licence and profit from the most deadly social drugs we know: Alcohol and tobacco. Given this absurdity, taking advice from your government on which drugs are dangerous or not seems somewhat like asking CocaCola what it thinks about Pepsi. The difficult realization to come to is that governments literally compete with MDMA; both financially and ideologically.

If MDMA for Beginners is right, and alcohol use is mostly self-medication for trauma, then MDMA threatens this revenue stream for the government because it has the power to 'cure' people of their need to drink — by treating the roots of trauma. Additionally, MDMA has the potential to wake up huge swathes of the population to what their government is actually doing to them.

For these reasons, among others, MDMA is clouded by government and media propaganda. In short: Love and compassion terrify authorities because these qualities are incompatible with sustaining our political and economic hellscape.

How do I run an MDMA therapy session?

MDMA for Beginners describes how MDMA increases empathy and reduces fear through its unique biochemical action. This means that depressed trauma and other psychological material can rise to the surface of the mind for processing and resolution. The zine includes a rough guide to the process (while emphasizing that it does not accept liability if you undertake the process yourself).


Ok, I want a copy!

Currently, the publisher, Psychedelic University, is only permitting sales direct from bookshops, like us. So, you can visit our bookshop in Berlin to grab a copy or, experimentally, we will consider taking mail delivery orders in Steem if you leave a request in the comment. This zine is priced at $4.80 (or 4 euros).

You're also welcome to stop by our bookshop and read it for free in the store.

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This post was brought to you by Kali, a community psychedelic bookshop and Café based in Berlin. We need your support to spread awareness and education about psychedelics. We believe these substances represent the most promising tool in modern medicine. You can take a look at the bookshop here, or visit us in person. Thanks for reading.


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