Exotic Dancer Interview with Anonymous- Part 3

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By Sheila L. Ferguson

I’m a retired exotic dancer. I am interviewing a select series of dancers in an effort to reveal some interesting similarities in our stories. Here is a link to the intro article, in case you need to catch up. I've added some photos from my days as a dancer to keep your attention. :) Retired Exotic Dancer Interviews Retired Exotic Dancers

Below is an interview with a dancer who preferred to remain anonymous. After I reveal some of the interviews I will begin to analyze the answers and I will write a conclusion based on my findings.

How old were you when you started dancing? 18
Why did you start dancing? Couldn't believe I could get paid to dance (Which I loved dancing!)
How long did you dance? 7 yrs from 18-24 Then again 30-35 so total 11 yrs
Did you dance in your town or city or travel? Travel
What is your best memory of your time dancing? The friends
What is your worst memory from your dancing career? The creeps
What is your funniest Dancing memory? Leaving my shift even after my manager said NO!
Do you have any memorable clients? Yes Lots
Did you ever have a bizarre client? Yes lots
Did you have a worst client? Yes
Did you ever sustain any injuries while working? No
Did you ever receive any memorable gifts from clients? If so what and why? Did you like it? Gifts plenty, memorable No
What were your favorite songs to dance to? Anything 80's pop
Did you develop new deep friendships with other exotic dancers? Any stories? Yes and still currently active friends! Most close friends are still friends
Do you still maintain friendships with those mentioned in the above question? Why or why not? Yes
Did you experience any sexual harassment or trauma during your dancing career? Sexual harassment yes its the "Job"
Describe your overall experience as a dancer. Its selling and if you're a sales person its easy money & i made plenty.
Do you regret working as an exotic dancer? Nope
Did your family know about your job? How did they feel about it? Yes they were supportive of anything I choose to do
Did you/do you have any spiritual/religious affinity?Did your job clash with this? Not then but would now
How would you describe your body image? 100% comfortable with my body
How your you describe your self-esteem? Is it different from when you were dancing? Same and good
Are you retired? If so, when did you retire , what age and why? Yes retired at 35 because my "New Sales Career took off"

Do you currently work? If so, what do you do? Sales/Realtor/Broker
Is your old job as an exotic dancer a secret? Why or why not? Business yes because its frowned upon and not understood
What was your childhood like? Happy full of friends
Do you have children? If so, would you be ok with your child becoming an exotic dancer? Yes and No I would not support the idea of my child doing it because its a different world and not as classy as it once was
Do you have any photos you would want to share? No
Do you feel that working as an exotic dancer affected you psychologically? Yes because it gives a stigma of some men (Not all thank God)
How do you feel about your sexuality? Great
Do you have any advice for new dancers? Save your money & invest it.
Do you still have your costumes? Why or why not? Some only because I keep forgetting to throw them out in secret. LOL
Do you have anything else to add to this interview? Dancing is not a bad profession unless the women doing it is not mentally strong and is prone to drug or over indulge in a party atmosphere with no boundaries!



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