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RE: The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

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Awesome post, thanks for your work @cryptogee !
So here's how I would approach this (trying not to go down the pseudo-scientific path); starting from the quantum realm (and the famous double-slit experiment), we know consciousness (observation - the focus of attention) is what collapses the wave function and gives rise to a single observed position for the quantum particle, out of the infinitely many - or put differently, out of the infinite 'parallel worlds' where the quantum particle (ex photon) exists simultaneously.
Now, lets make a quantum leap (pun intended) from the microscopic to the macroscopic world of our first-person experience and external reality. And let's parallel the 'infinite possibilities' of the quantum particle to the framework of the 'Multiverse Theory' - 'Many-worlds interpratation'. Of course, the Multiverse - the infinite parallel timelines and worlds which all exist simultaneously - is well, just a theory, which we cannot prove, and has String Theory as a foundation, which we also cannot prove (it is mathematically sound nonetheless). So in the framework of the Multiverse, there is an infinite number of 'copies' of ourselves, or may I say 'fractals' of our individual consciousness (indeed one can also say that we are all fractals of the collective consciousness / the God Mind / one Cosmic Consciousness - collectively experiencing itself from all possible points of view in every possible situation..but I digress).
So... without even also delving into cognitive science , the holographic universe hypothesis or even simulation theory, let's ponder the subject matter; the LOA. What if the focus of our intent - or consciousness - on one single thought/wish in our macroscopic world (much like the focus of our consciousness, or observation, of the particle in the quantum world) is what connects the different timelines of the multiverse, and with the power of focusing our consciousness on something (and acting on it) we slowly but steadily have different timelines (the current and the 'wished for') gradually converge, through certain 'coincidences' that happen - or may I say synchronicities. Kind of like the saying that when you want something really bad, the whole universe conspires for that to happen. In other words, the manifestation under the LOA practically involves moving from the current timeline to the desired parallel one via the focus of our consciousness.
I think it's a cool musing... :D
any thoughts?
thanks again for your post :)



Thanks for your reply and I enjoy your musings...

I see it more as a purely psychological urge, fuelled by the evolution of our brains. We have a burning desire to remain consistent, as it is consistency that has allowed us in large parts to form such huge societies.

This can be proved by calling as many people as you can unreliable, flaky, inconsistent. You will see that 99% of the time people will not be happy with that tag.

Ergo focusing on a thought or wish, especially by writing it down is a way of speaking to our subconscious and saying this is who I am. Thus the burning desire of consistency takes over.

As with a lot of cognitive functions, it is easy to mistake this for something mystical. Indeed the way the multitudinous parts of our brains are constantly talking to each other, in my mind, gives rise to "spirituality". I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with interpreting cognitive function this way, I'm simply calling a spade a spade.

we know consciousness (observation - the focus of attention) is what collapses the wave function and gives rise to a single observed position for the quantum particle,

Actually even when observing single particles in the double slit experiment take one path or another. We see that the pattern left on the photographic plate is still that of a wave function. Indicating that there is something going on at the quantum level which is beyond our technological capabilities, to observe.

Don't forget that at some point we didn't know that stars were other suns and galaxies until our observational equipment got better :-)

Regardless of the reasons, in a lot of cases, a dedicated following of the LOA will produce results, and that is the best thing of all :-)


Ha absolutely, you went at lengths explaining this and I'm in full agreement with your take on it, makes perfect sense. I merely went for the more mystical/spiritual/demi-scientitic musing, which still is cool. So yeah thanks for the whole analysis.
As for the double-slit experiment, unless my understanding is not perfect, I think when observing the particles before (and actually even after) entering the slit, the wave function collapses and it only goes through one slit. What you are referring to I think is when multiple beams of particles are launched, and it was observed that although each (observed) particle goes through a single slit (instead of both) as a particle and not as a wave, they all land at different positions that, nonetheless, collectively altogether form the pattern that resembles the entire wave function (like each individual dot collectively paintining the pattern at the other side when landing on the plate). At any rate, super powerful and buffling experiment, truly amazing.
Looking forward to more such posts from you :)

I think I'm going to have to look up the experiment again, I'm going purely from memory, and it has been a while! Thanks for your comments and this mini debate :-)