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in psychology •  11 months ago

Where “Am-I”?

What “Am-I”?

What “Am-I” suppose to be doing here?

These are the 3 questions every child is confronted with. First they pop out of the womb into a bright and loud place that they know nothing about, and one they can’t even perceive accurately. As they look around examining where they are they stumble into their body, maybe a hand or foot in their mouth that they for the first time recognize as a “self” separate from the experienced universe. If they gather enough information and make an accurate analysis of these first 2 questions they can come to an accurate conclusion on the 3ed question: “What Am I Suppose to “BE” doing here?” Unfortunately society and traditions seek to confound the first 2 questions thereby making an accurate assessment of the 3ed nearly impossible for the average person on the planet.

So, with this in mind lets analyses this self, this perception of “I-AM” and see if we can’t arrive at an accurate answer.

Where “Am-I”?

This one is not what one might think is the “common sense” answer, say “on Earth in the Milky Way with the Local Group in the Universe at large”. No, all that is just evidence as to where you really are. Where one really “IS”, is inside “Mind”. We are the “Experiencer”, we are the “I-AM” that is having the experience. This is a non-physical thing, outside of “space-time” as can be proven by the fact that the experiencer is always in the “Now”, the ongoing Eternal (outside of time) wow that is NOW. If one wants to look for further proof of this it is found in Quantum Physics and was shown in the early 1900’s with the “Dual-Slit Experiment”.
Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment - YouTube

This experiment clearly shows that particles ONLY exist as “physical matter” when they interact with something else (when 2 things are “aware” of each other and interact). When these so called particles are not interacting with an “other” they exist only as “waves of potential states”, from which one state is collapsed upon when there is an interaction.

So, the answer to “Where Am-I?” is that you are INSIDE of MIND,,,, which answers the 2nd question:

What “Am-I”?

What we are is the “Experiencer”. We are what is “awake” and having the experience of our body, or of driving our car or whatever experience you can think of or have. Some might be tempted to jump to the conclusion that this is their “personal Soul”, but lets analyses that further. The “Act of Consciousness” or the act of being awake or the act of having an experience is not a noun, it is a verb. That means, as we already figured out, that “you” are not a physical thing (noun) you are an action that is happening (a verb). So ask yourself the question, what is the source of the action? There is ONE act of Consciousness that everything is taking part in, from the sub-atomic particles (as in the dual slit experiment) to plants, animals and you and I. Who Am I? = there is “No I”, there is only the Act of Consciousness which the whole “physical universe” is being experienced in. This act of consciousness is the creator of the physical universe inside of Mind and therefore is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent the 3 most described aspects of “God”. So in conclusion, there is no “I”, there is only “I-AM” (aka God). In Buddhism this is what a Buddha understands, that his consciousness is not his own but is in fact Buddha Consciousness.

So, to the important question:

What Am-I suppose to be doing here?

Well, if there is no me, and there is only the Creator, and the Creator gifts “experiencing the Universe” to every sub-part without condition (aka Unconditional gift of Love) even if the sub-part is a child molester or a murder or Illuminati/Vatican/Zionist scumbag then our perspective must understand that. In the Christian metaphor Satan wants to sit on the Throne of God. That throne of course is CONSCIOUSNESS and Satan therefor is one’s EGO, ones concept of “Self”, one’s memories and understandings and predictions of reality that inevitably foul things up from their potential equilibrium. When we believe we are our name or our body we can not answer this question correctly. What are you suppose to be doing? You are suppose to be doing what GOD would do if God were in your position, because that is exactly the truth, and to be in denial of that is the source of the lie, the source of evil, the deception from the “ego” Great Deceiver (aka Satan).

Be present in the NOW, look in front of you and spread Love and Compassion on all that passes your way.

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