The 8 secrets of the happiest people

50 percent of our happiness level is genetic. Only 10 percent depend on circumstances such as job, economy, housing and crises. Although we generally believe that this affects our happiness more!

The good news is that 40 percent of our joy and happiness can be influenced by our intentions and behaviors.

This according to research in the field, compiled in the book The how of happiness of Sonja Lyubomirsky.

The secrets of the happiest people

There are eight behaviors that characterize the people with the highest levels of joy. Something to be inspired by!

1. Relations

They spend a lot of time with their family and friends, they care about and enjoy the relationships.

2. Gratitude

They express gratitude for what they have.

3. Helping

They are often the first to offer help to co-workers and passers-by.

4. Optimism

They practice being optimistic when they dream about the future.

5. Mindfulness

They enjoy the pleasures of life and try to live in the present.

6. Active

They have made the exercise a habit, once or more times a week.

7. Goals

They are deeply committed to lifelong goals and aspirations. Like fighting injustices or teaching their children healthy values.

8. Balance

Even the happiest people experience stress, crises and tragedies that affect them strongly emotionally. Their secret weapon is to try handle challenges with strength and balance.

For me, practising acceptance and allowing myself to feel sad or angry sometimes has been a good way to feeling better and less anxiety. One thing that makes me happy is to train and joking around with friends, like this time when we were caught in the moment.

What are your thoughts about happiness? What's making you happy? Do we need to strive for happiness?


Your picture matches rule 1 and 6 perfectly. exercising with friends=two birds/ one stone!

Good point! Yes I love it :D

cute picture awe!

50 percent of our happiness level is genetic.

Is that a real percentage ? Just to know :)
great article

Yes according to Sonja Lyubomirsky (professor of psychology) and other studies, 50 percent of our ability to feel happiness depend on our genes. So we got different starting point/conditions but can all highly influence our level of happiness.

Thank you :)

Wow!! Excellent. You explain the happiness perfectly. Well done.

Thank you for your comment! :D

Also really nice text with a deep meaning. I deal the exact same way with feeling down. Sometimes it just feels good to allow yourself to feel sad and be happy with your friends around you afterwards

Thank you <3 Yes I also think we need both, every emotion have it's purpose :)

Great reminders for the new year.

Gratitude is so central to happiness. Really hard to be pissy when we are being appreciative!

So true! Thank you for your comment! :)

Interesting read, thanks! I'm a strong believer of nr. 8. You've got to get out of your comfort zone to appreciate the time you spend in it.

If youre lucky.. you only have to face this discomfort during nr. 6....


Thank you so much! You have a good point! Thank you for your comment :D

Great thoughts and I think you we can do much ourselves to lift us from anxiety and sadness (depends on the level). Thanks for inspiring me:-)

Thank you so much, your comments inspire me to continue blogging :D

This is great advice! And I love the photo 😊 You got my upvote!

Thank you so much! :D

So true. I would add only that happy people just do not have this kind of time to be unhappy...

Good reflection! Yes then the mind want to continue doing things that makes you even happier :)

Love your write 💖.

These things are always very simple, the fundamental elements of who we actually young, that as humans, we always forget those simple things which strays us away from happiness.

So true!! Thank you for sharing your insights! <3

Great post, I completely agree. The only thing is - I wonder if those actions leads you to be happy OR - Happy people are doing those actions because the happy?

Thank you!! Good question, I'm not sure but perhaps it's both ways. For sure it's easier to keep up healthy habits when we are feeling good :)

This is important to know. Great post!

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