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We can only choose, the things we see as choices. The only “clean” data, flows in from our senses in each moment, everything else has a story attached to it. Stories always have agendas, designed to capture attention and guide actions. This is not good or bad, its just life, but it is not really free either.

Each of us has a unique perspective, I am not talking about our opinions and beliefs, they are just the stories we agreed to. What is truly valuable, is the unique way YOU and I sense our environment. Much of what we call negative emotion is the external data from our senses conflicting with the stories we have embodied. Much of positive emotion arises from feeling closer relationship when we drop the stories that dont resonate,(conflict) with what is actually happening.

To be free of disturbing emotions, ie those that create a contraction, as much as possible I return awareness to my senses and just observe, feel, listen. Possible meanings arise, but the quality of thought changes when I allow things to be as they are. With less noise, the underlying signal becomes clear.

Without focus I slip into reactivity and the conditioning of my opinions. With focus, I have choice and the possibility of greater clarity.

From this place of sensitivity, perhaps I can share that which is unique to my experience.

I lost the original mind node map, all I have is this screen shot - it’s not exactly what I wanted to say, but I hope you find the direction interesting? As you can see thoughts, through emotion are intimately connected to our biology.

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Thank you , I always get a bit lost with this stuff. We need to contract or we can not move, we need to move or there is no life. Residual non-functional tension in the tissues and accross our joints is obviously bad news, but functional tension applied in rythym to what is actually happening is a joy. Both are experienced as emotion. To be fluid in movement, we need to be able to let go of dysfunctional resistance. Born in the mind and stored in the body. Right - clear as mud :)