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RE: Are We Born Criminals? Part II: The Rational Choice Theory

in #psychology3 years ago

I am inclined to say: it is clear that the RCT cannot serve as a basis for criminal considerations alone. But since I have already buried myself so deeply and intensively into the human psyche, this may seem logical to me and not to other people.

Once again, we experience that hypotheses and theories, even those of scientists, come into the world on the basis of their own aspired assumptions and my basic attitude is: whenever models explaining human behaviour are developed, a healthy form of skepticism is appropriate. Humans are such complex beings that they cannot be examined like a simple object. Man contains too many surprises and interweavings with the numerous systems that surround him.

I am repeating myself but I would say dealing with the human psyche is as much as an art as it is a science, if not more.

In the interviews with the suspects with whom you were in contact, do you remember statements that surprised you? What impressed you, positive or negative?


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