Is Germany in Africa?

in #psychology4 years ago

"Misinformation seems to do a better job at spurring people into action, than no information at all".

I am a sucker for human psychology. So every now and then i stumble across an elicitation that puts some of our actions in perspective. Cunningham's law is my most recent finding. It states:

"The best way to get the right answer on the internet, is not to ask a question, but to post a wrong answer".

Imagine that social media platform was a room, and someone made an erring comment. More often than not, someone might subtly correct the erring person, or generally it is allowed to pass-for fear of being tagged a know it all. The mystery though, is why we tend to behave very differently behind screens? (comment your opinions)

If this is new to you, put it to test. See how much faster people are ready to engage with you.