Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Albert Einstein called madness when a person continues to repeat the same action in the hope of a different outcome.

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But as part of this all morning I thought about how to treat a man who continues to repeat the same actions which obviously lead to negative results and problems. And I'm not talking about scientific research, which, in order to make the discovery, it is necessary to make a lot of mistakes.

I think, for example, about a teacher who continues to use outdated methodology that does not work, do not allow students to gain knowledge or even discourage desire to learn.

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I'm thinking of a wife who screams at her husband for 5 years on the same occasion. There are no changes and the relationship is on the brink of divorce ...

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I think about plagiarists on Steemit, which is still copied someone else's material. They have a reputation and a minus, but they still continue to do so.

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Obviously, they are not aware of anything. They can not (do not want) to lay down a set of hundreds of facts in order to change behavior. And yes, is it madness for Einstein?

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