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RE: Games Boys Play, Like Rape

in #psychology4 years ago

Oh, Shawna, I am so sorry. Sorry about what happened to your daughter, sorry about what was done to you by the rapist and by your mother. I think it's incredible of you to even still have a relationship with her.

Now, to your very difficult question. I am not a parent, but I am an uncle to both boys and girls. To a parent of a child who did such a thing, I would - well, first I'd have to get past blind rage because that rarely helps communication - but then I'd start with just telling them. I would hope they'd be horrified and take it from there. If not, I would try and explain the harm. The harm their child could cause in a few years. The harm their child is suffering.

To a child... I honestly don't know how I'd tackle it. It is beyond me.


It's very difficult. I never want to be that mom who is communicating negative things about someone else's child. Especially because I know these kids and they are not malicious or anything like that. They've just picked this up somehow (maybe from the president?) and are working it out through play.

Thank you. I'm sorry to. As to my mom--I understand her motives and intentions. Nothing is cut and dried, and we barely have a relationship right now, although it has nothing to do with what is shared here.

It's negative, but it's also something they NEED to know, I think. I'd want to know.

I would too. I'm always grateful. It takes a village.

First, I found the link for this post on discord and was curious enough to seek it out. For all the talk about finding great content on steemit, I must say that it's not really working for me because of all the other things involved. But this - is a topic I would read anywhere without any incentive, and your passion for what you've written just shows through.

I saw your allusion to boys picking "the rape game" from the president and that is really so sad. Parents have a lot of education to do for their kids because the models the society has set up for them are just bullshit and kids absorb so much at this stage!

Aside being re-educated at home, how else, where else can they get the right education? Perhaps the right literature/media? Let's point them to them. Let's be selective, there's need for some control in this area and it must start early. All the so-called models are projected thru the mass/social media. Please continue to be careful with your daughter because even though the party supposedly went well, just look at this other side! I think you should let the parent of the boy that invited her know (even find out how active he was in the 'play'), perhaps they could speak with some other parents and then the chain goes on. Hopefully our kids can protect themselves to an extent and affect some of their mates too when they can tell the difference.

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