It's in my blood.

in #psychology4 years ago

Life can be very unpredictable sometimes, and to many extends even with the emergence of the hydra science heads. Somehow, it seems everything that will happen has been programmed, or for a more spiritual word- predestined.

A long time ago, I had a dream of which I met some individuals, we transacted some business and luckily it clicked. Fast forward three years after, I met this guys for real, their response was similar to what I had in the dream, however I didn't remember this dream until the early hours of today, then I realised two events has occured, one in dream and the other very alive and the two are same. Coming to a conclusion, I guess what I was, am and will be or do has been set, programmed within me somewhere, hence I have the ability to recall them in dream, trance and other states that let me in touch with my innermost being.

I once met a geneticist who explained how organisms are capable of passing numerous traits to generations unborn. The food we eat ad humans will definitely have effect on unborn kids, and the memory we keep as well. Sometimes, I have strange dreams that goes like a planned movie, like there's some form of theatre art in my subconscious cooking up well orchestrated movies. Buddist will say that's your past life memory, but come to think of it. What if it's your ancestors memory passed down to you. The memory then has always been in the blood.

Just like every program or software, it requires hardware to function. We have different tangible organs that enables these program to actualize. The hands, legs, eyes, other people are all hardwares. We have the circadian clock in the human brain that makes things happen at the apporiate timing. Imagine a program that a person must meat his lover whom she will later have four kids for. She leaves her house at exactly 10 am, at before then, another man felt the urge to go see some movie, at the right time they bump into eachother on the way. This is programmed. It's possible some form of divination has predicted this occurrence, that's because divination is simply spying at the codes of the earth. I believe the codes begins with the sun, moon and stars i.e Time. Diviners simply scroll to the part that talks about you. However, diviners can't see much because some codes are just so encrypted.

The question now is who designed/designs the universe? Some supreme beings popularly known as dietes? Or it's the univerese and we are part of the designer? Many questions lie but I believe it's in the blood. The first humans know so much and their memory lies somewhere untapped within us.

So is humanity pre-programmed, even my writing of this post and the comments people might likely give? Well, the answer is within the blood.

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