PTSD could be in store for many who survived the Las Vegas Mass shooting. — Steemit

PTSD could be in store for many who survived the Las Vegas Mass shooting.

This has been a long tragic day for far too many people.  My best friend was lucky.  A friend of his was shot but luckily survived.  I just want to make everyone aware that there will be people who have PTSD from this.  Luckily Las Vegas is being proactive and asking for help from Trauma Counselors and other professionals all across the country.  If you know someone that has been affected by this tragedy please urge them to get help.  Please also be supportive of them.  From this some people may only have some anxiety from this for a short while.  I don't mean to minimize this anxiety at all or by any means.  If this anxiety lasts longer than a month then these people will probably be diagnosed with PTSD.  The symptoms will be very severe and will wax and wane with time.  If they don't get proper professional help with support from loved ones then it could last a lifetime or worse end in suicide.   

People with PTSD I know,  I'm telling you that it can be very difficult to find a good therapist that you click with.  Don't give up.  You will find one eventually that is the right fit for you.  Make NO MISTAKE!  You are STRONG and you can keep on living.  Surround yourselves with positive and caring people.  It may take time but Even if that means letting go of some of your dearest friends and family members.  It took me years to do that.  I realize now that if I'd done it sooner then I would've been better off.  That doesn't mean to completely discard your family or friends.  My family and friends weren't supportive and they were a lot of times dismissive or mean to me because they didn't understand it  or want to and they weren't very good people.  Yes, there will be a lot people who will say stupid things and ask questions that you think are dumb.  Do not discard these people, they are simply trying to understand.  If you help them understand better then they most likely will end up being good and supportive for you.  

Friends and family of PTSD survivors... if you care and want to help that person in your life with PTSD then please get knowledge about it.  You can see a PTSD counselor as well to help you understand how to be there for them.  There are many PTSD professionals in this country so you can reach out and ask for help in being there for them.  These dear ones need your love and support.  Dont give up on them.  They love you and they're discovering a part of themselves all over again.  It's life changing and it's difficult.  

In these trying times let's raise awareness and be stronger with and for each other.  We are all and will always be STRONGER TOGETHER.  My purpose in these posts is to raise awareness for invisible disabilities through my story of living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD.  Let's start a dialogue.  Feel free to ask questions or share your story.  Also feel free to share this post.  It's important for everyone in our community.  Most of us know someone living with PTSD whether it has been diagnosed or not.  

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