Stereotypes - weapons, tool of racism, propaganda and terrorism #2

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Yesterday published a post about how stereotypes are a powerful weapon

Then in the comments a little touched upon the war and my attention was drawn to the fact that most deeply rooted stereotypes of those who formed you from childhood.

and in the evening I came across this video

It is at this stage of life are laid the foundations not only knowledge, but also the norms of behavior, beliefs, habits and needs of the individual and stereotypes.

On average, up to 80% of the extremist groups are young people aged 13 to 20 years. The reasons for joining the ranks of extremists can serve as: a desire to participate in vigorous activity, the pursuit of individual self-expression and communication with people who share their views, beliefs, focus on aggressive behavior, as well as the need to protest and to feel their independence.

Realizing the seriousness of the problem has arisen in society and the threat of a child falling into extremists zone, it is necessary to articulate the basic steps and rules of behavior of parents and teachers, in order to prevent a collision with the child's extremist ideas and slogans.

First of all, every parent should talk with their child. Parents need to know who enters the circle of friends of their children, how they spend their free during the training sessions is the time and that he is excited and interested. It is necessary to discuss the political, social and economic situation in the country and the world, inter-ethnic relations. Children should be aware of the need for a tolerant attitude to all people, regardless of race, nationality, political or religious views and beliefs, etc. Teen difficult to independently investigate all such matters and that is what the extremists often use, explaining the events taking place in the world in terms of its ideology.

The activity of the child, his energy and spare time should be spent on its development and the 'right' hobbies. Sports sections, hobby groups, non-governmental organizations, military-patriotic clubs, music and art schools interested in and take the child, provide an opportunity for self-expression and a teenager, expand the circle of contacts, help to find friends who share their views and interests. Giving a child the club section of the school of additional education institutions, parents should familiarize themselves with the activities carried out in the organization, methods and techniques, carried out with the help of training.

Do not forget about the control of information coming child. Extremist slogans and ideology can contain the books he reads, in passing, that he looks, etc. Sources of information are the main weapon to attract extremists in their group of new members, particularly children and young people. But even observing all preventive measures and paying due attention to the children, not always possible to completely protect them from extremist influences. More and more cases of crimes committed by minors on the basis of social inequality.

Once in the extremist group, the child shows a number of features that can help you determine its radical sentiments in relation to certain actions, events or people. The behavior and manner of communication becomes rougher and harsher. There are new words and expressions. The child becomes aggressive attitude towards others. You can monitor and change in clothing style. Among the literature, which is interested in the child, it may be a lot of texts and images of extremist political or socio-extreme content. Children are often caught up in an extremist group in discussions on political and social issues, expressed extremely negative, expressing their intolerance.

Having discovered that the child was an extremist organization, the parents must take the necessary measures. It is necessary to talk to him and try to find out the cause of radicalization and extremist ideas. The communication has to be careful in his statements and unobtrusive to avoid a sharp negative reaction. It is necessary to try to limit the child's communication with the group participants and to isolate it from the information contained even the slightest hints of extremist ideas. The extreme measure to prevent the deterioration of the situation could be an appeal to the psychologist.

Why young people are attracted to the ideas of extremism and terrorism?

Because there are no chances in life, knowledge about other peoples, cultures and religions because being sought to blame the causes of their own failure, because when a clear social injustice there is a burning desire to create an ideal society, the presence of negative ethnic and religious stereotypes because weak youth involvement in the social and sporting life of the republic, the country.

Ways to solve such a problem, I see the following:

  • To promote through religious education, sports, culture, education and moral development, unleashing the potential of the young man in the society;
  • The formation of young people responsibility for themselves and others;
  • Assistance in solving difficult situations through the involvement of youth in active social life;
  • The strengthening of friendly relations between young people of different nationalities;
  • Prevention of ethnic, religious and political extremism, and so on.
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The parents must educate their children so the child doesn't fall into the wrong crowds. It is about responsibility.

I like your post!

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