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Relations with other persons and, in particular, the torque relations chances are that we have in life to know us better ourselves, we develop staff and to become the best version of us. I have not met no torque which may not have part of challenges, and this is natural. One of the most difficult moments when we feel that our needs are not satisfied. About the need to be appreciated and love for what we are, I'll write in this first part of the article; and an article in the future, I'm going to focus on our need for sexual and emotional connection.

A few days ago, while walking through the park, a little child with a had red (which he ran full of energy) I captured our attention. He had a terrible pleasure to feel the snow and to live the whole range of sensations. At a given moment, broken a flower and gave to his mother. It took him into his arms and kissed him with great love. From children up to adults and the elderly, all we need to be appreciated and love for what we. Rarely talk about our needs, when they are not satisfied. Speak slowly about our needs, because this makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. But even if we avoid to feel vulnerable, moments of vulnerability are those that draws us even closer, in a relationship.

In everyday life, we can notice that the men communicate more frequently than women aspects related to their personal needs. This is natural, because the model of Manliness promoted in the society is one which valorizeaza features such as: independence, strength, financial stability, the judgment and the suppression of negative emotions. In order to be able to talk about their own needs, a man must be in contact with his emotions and have the courage to be vulnerable. Many men consider that the need is a sign of weakness. If that's the case, we asked, how to talk then about the needs? The answer is pretty simple. Talking about the needs, without using the word "needs". For example, in the place to ask, "What you need?" asked "What did you want to be different in our relationship?".


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