The Gift of Tongues vs Political Language

in psychology •  2 years ago


There is a certain method of communicating in which, to the layperson, your words will have a clear meaning, and to the initiated, your words will have a clearer, and deeper meaning. You might call this "the gift of tongues".

Writing this, I know that some people will misinterpret what I'm saying, and think that I'm talking about a kind of "political" language in which the words used are ambiguous, and so listeners can hear what they want to hear. This is a related, but distinct skill - or a distinct way of using the same skill.

Politicians speak with forked tongues in order to divide people, but when you use the gift of tongues, you unite people. Speaking with a forked tongue means that you speak lies on many levels, allowing the audience to choose which lie they want to hear. Using the gift of tongues means that you speak truth on many levels, allowing the audience to choose which level of truth they want to engage with.

When you take the opposite of a small truth, you will find a small untruth. When you take the opposite of a great lie, will find another great lie (a "strange loop"). And of course, when you take the opposite of a great truth, you will find another great truth.

Great truths have this quality of "special congruence" in that they will withstand scrutiny at any level - mentally, intellectually, intuitively, spiritually, and so on. You need not stop at one.

You might be concerned that to reach regular people with your message, you have to "dumb it down". You can take it that direction, and that's valid. You can also take it in the other direction, and sublimate your message.

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Nice post. I enjoy it and find truth in your words. Resteemed.

In politics today, it is sometimes hard for people to tell what words are forked and what words are inclusive. Forked words can take on the tone of inclusiveness. All one has to do is listen. And most do not.

Great post.


Yes, excellent point.

"You can also take it in the other direction, and sublimate your message."

I like it!

I will stay out of the politics (for now) but your last point about going the other way from simplification is what people avoid. People intuitively try to spoon feed their message to the audience but deeper understanding is often lost as the information comes too easily. No pain, no gain. A little (or a lot of) disfluency might lose a few of the audience but those that stay work to obtain it and therefore are more likely to retain it. Combined with multiple layers and perspectives, one can throw them into the mental deep end. Very valuable. Unfortunately for many and seemingly increasingly more, they would rather avoid the discomfort. They miss a lot of what is interesting, important and beneficial due to it. Good post mate.