5 Common Phrases That Kill Your Charisma

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5 Common Phrases That Kill Your Charisma

How To Win Any Argument:

Welcome to another Charisma on Command video where we talk about phrases that kill your charisma. In the past, I've spoken a lot about phrases that you're gonna want to add to your vocabulary in order to become more charismatic and persuasive. But the truth is far more common are phrases that you currently have in your vocabulary that are killing your charisma, that are making you far less persuasive, and that are getting people to fight with you.

So in last video, I discussed some of the things you definitely want to say in order to persuade people, but far more common are the things you definitely DON’T want to say. So in this video I want to share 5 things I hear all the time that make people much less likable and less likely to be able to persuade anyone.

0:25 Charisma tip one is to tweak, "No problem"
1:33 Charisma tip number two is to not say, "You messed up"
3:19 Charisma tip three is the Preemptive disqualification
4:36 Don't say, "You always/never" followed with a negative comment
6:15 Being specific can also help with charisma and show confidence

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Woow i actually never thought about that. I will definitly heed that. Great content!

"Happy to help" is such more positive then "No problem". I like it.

Nice video. I like many of the points you talk about such as can you help me out. Keep up the good work.

These are great points. Glad to see you on steemit. I'm a fan of your videos.