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RE: The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

The double slit experiments have proven that the observer has an effect on the universe just by observing it. Energy responds to human beings.

The first layer of this universe is the causal plane. It has to be this way because of free will. The causal plane is where, what you are being, attracts the situations and circumstances that matches what you are being.

Or the law of attraction.

The law is inviolable except by the zeroth layer. Meaning that even the law of gravity will bend to a person's will.

The biggest problem in application of the law of attraction is that people say they want stuff. Like, a million dollars. But, the universe is about interactions, green pieces of paper mean nothing. So, what do you want the million dollars for? So that you have all your bills paid? Well, programming for all your bills to be paid is fairly easy. And it may come about by extra money coming to you. It may also come about by having your phone turned off so your monthly bills are lowered.

So, work on programming yourself to what you really want. And ask for those things.


The double slit experiment does no such thing, it actually proves that light behaves simultaneously like a particle and a wave.

As I have iterated in my article, I'm not for the mystical explanations, more the practical ones. Any effect is purely psychological :-)