A hidden treasure

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If we want to deal with anger in a good way it is very important to seperate the emotional state from the actual situation.

In a moment of contemplation it is possible to analyze what’s triggered inside and to remember from which time in life we know that.

It is helpful to give room for some analytical and logical thoughts about that pattern. Once understood it is possible to get calm again.

But the issue or the conflict may be still there or even sometimes worse than ever before. It is possible to reach out to the problem with a positive power and solve it.

Willpower is the hidden treasure behind anger. But it needs intelligence to avoid the trap of destructive ideas.

It can feel like a miracle when anger is transformed into a good willpower.....this was often forbidden to build up in childhood for people, who learned to feel like victims.

Of course anger is not the highest vibration, but it is a survivalskill which needs to be accepted and dealt with in a creative way.

This includes the risk to have some discussions ect. but it is worth it. Independence does not come without this work.

„For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.“



I liked the idea of a man conquering himself. Also I think Anger beats Sadness, but none of them are emotional states to linger too much upon. Up up and away!

Sometimes anger channeled in the right way can dissolve a fight. Uncontrolled anger? Well, anything can happen and it might not be a good thing.

interesting post!

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Thanks for sharing this interesting and self-questioning post with us :) keep up !

Anger is an emotion that is with the human even from the beginning of his life and from that moment we learn to control it. Anger is not always that bad but when it gets out of control it turns into a destructive feeling, and will definitely damage the overall quality of life.

I like the quote as well. Anger is a necessary emotion like all the others. However do we let it out or keep it in? I will not answer the question as it depends on the situation. It is all about how to control the situation as keeping it in is not healthy. It become problematic when one is consumed by it and then it is not an incidental state but a permanent state. Too much energy is expended when angry - solutions are not attained when in this state. It is also damaging to the angry person over time. Also it does not appease the situation if one is angry with someone else. Controlling anger is the key.

Following you and your good ideas!

Thank you! Followed back! :)

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