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Cutting Losses & Adapting to Stay Sane

in psychology •  3 years ago 

loved the video its fun! how can i embed the video? i used to be able to do that before but now its just got a link instead of a full video? can you help pls? :d

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Thanks! You can still embed it. We just use a link because YouTube doesn't count embedded views properly.

ooh no way really? so views towards it wouldn't count if it was embedded here?

That has been my experience in the past, yeah. Last year, when I first started doing videos on Steemit, I'd get a couple hundred upvotes but YouTube would only count a couple of views. lol

ooh really hmmm interesting! I embed videos also on my website not sure if that counts as well! well youtube is generally a bit disappointing and shit isn't it? hahah

Yeah, all things considered though, I still think it's a miracle that they provide the service that they do for free. It's not perfect but it's still the best game in town, as far as I know.