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When your friend is happily married, he usually has no important news to tell, but if the marriage turned into havoc he would have a lot of stories to inform you about. When a relative arrive safely to another city there is no news, but if he got an accident there is news. When a work colleague arrives at work safely, there is nothing to tell but if he was robbed on his way to work he would probably tell all his colleagues and family members about hid misfortune.

You might not be informed about some old friend for years but when he diagnosed with terminal illness many mutual friends would start sharing his whereabouts. When a country is at peace there is nothing to mention in the news, but when it undergoes a civil war every news agency would provide you with 24/7 coverage of it.

Bad things happen, good and normal things also happen, but only bad things make news. At every single moment you are being bombarded by bad news collected, filtered and concentrated from everywhere. Friends, Family, social media and mass media all participate in making bad news on the top of your news list.

Here comes the next part;

As your mind’s first function is to protect you, it gives more attention to threats. It focuses on what may hurt you. The bad news for the mind is more important than the good. They are more likely to be generalized and stored so as to be easily remembered later. That is why you can more easily remember bad memories.

Both filtration processes cast out good news in favour of bad news. This leaves you with more tragic version of reality where bad things only happen.

Actually, in your mind you are more likely to have a car accident than in reality. You over-protect your beloved ones. Your marriage is in more danger than what it really is. You are more likely to fail in achieving what you desire without giving it a try, because of the endless stories you have heard about those who had taken risks and failed.

For every peace of news you receive remind yourself that there are many other peaces you don’t receive. All peaces together tell the truth which is at the worst case less fearsome. Be selective of whom you listen to. Collect all available data to make your own conclusion. Life is way too broader to be perceived through one single perspective.

Have a peaceful day.

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Yeah that's true, I guess bad news is more exciting. I live in China and people always ask me why foreigners always cheat, fight etc like they see on TV so I always just say it's not always like this haha it's just to make the program exciting so people watch it :D If tv and films showed an average day in the life it would be way too boring and nobody would watch =]

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You guys are doing great waork. Thanks for selecting my post. You have all my love and support.

Brilliant post!!!! I've been challenged to do the #nocomfortzone post and I'm dealing with fear and its effect on me! hahahaha

this was a post that came at the right time!! :)

I will stop letting my fear dictate my reality!!!

Glad you find it at the right time. Thanks for your comment.

Hey @alignment, you should follow @asapers they are always looking for great content like this to curate. wink wink

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
Frank Herbert.

Great post.

Your Friendly @asaper

Thanks for stopping by.

Just like that. Feed your mind with the stuff that makes you think and question what you know!
Thanks for sharing this! Love!

That is very wise. Without thiswisdom there is no real learning.

Life is way too broader to be perceived through one single perspective.

Nicely said.

We are indeed more sensitive to negative rather than positive. logically everything should be in balance. it's a bit ironic how can that be. although despite the fact that higher awareness is needed when it comes to our protection, its impact on our senses/feelings/emtions is almost double...

the biggest irony in this is how can we still have wars if we're so afraid?

logically we should all be in harmony with eachother because none of us would want such feelings if they "hurt" so bad.. thus to avoid it, peace is needed...

might this actually be the main reason for these constant battles? because fear has 2x the impact upon us? would wars still exist if negative/positive would be reversed? as in positive being 2x more intense than negative...?...

check out the section 32 here:

People usually don’t fight out of fear rather of racism, greed, or religion if these people have less fear they would lead more wars with more violence.
I wrote this for vulnerable ppl who suffer because of fear. But actually there are those with less or no fear. Especially when their greed or racism dominate their fear.
For those vulnerable ppl fear is not 2x intense, it is crippling.
The book seems thoughtful. I will read it. Many thanks for telling me about it.

People usually don’t fight out of fear rather of racism, greed, or religion if these people have less fear they would lead more wars with more violence.

pure dogma

They trick themselves into thinking that their actions are good by using religion and whatnot reasons as pretext...

you're welcome : )