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RE: The Fallacies of our Brain: False Memories

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The large majority of people nowadays lays its focus on the Doing instead of Being. The source of Doing is thinking while the source of Being is mental Silence. In order to shift from the former to the latter we need to question: If we stop thinking, will we stop being? Well, we'll stop being our thoughts, which means we stop identifying with our thought-made Self and our Awareness returns to our true identity of pure Love :)


Okay but how is that related to the article?

"Mаny pеоplе cоnsidеr thеir ‘pеrsоnаlity’ tо bе thе sum оf thеir mеmоriеs. In оthеr wоrds – оur mеmоriеs аrе whо wе аrе. But is thаt еntirеly truе?"

Many people are conditioned by their memories, which depends on how they dealt with a certain situation in the past and then transfer into the Now and identify themselves with this past version of themselves. This means we transfer a past thought pattern into the new situation so that we think "that's just how we are". We repeat our past thought memory over and over, as a result of our reliance on our thoughts aka thought-made Self. Thus, to find a way out of it, mental Silence offers great help.
I read your article and this is where my comment is linked to it. Can you see it now?

Makes much more sense when you add the context. Thank you for your thoughts and attention!

You are right :) I should have added this. Good learning lesson. Thank you!

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