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RE: Do You Prosper, or Falter, In The Clutch?

even down to things like high school sporting events, even things like high school sporting events

A bit of reduplication here :P

Have you ever been in a clutch situation? Did you clutch it out, or did you do the inverse, did you fall to the pressure and choke? Tell me about it.

I once had a case where a stupid adult girl didn't keep her dog's leash tight, though she saw I was coming, it was a very last moment thing when her dog suddenly run toward the front of the car, and I guess I panicked cos I stepped on the gas instead of the breaks! (cos that was where my foot was and I guess I forgot) Nothing happened, cos I was going slowly, but I was feeling bad the whole week. The mere thought that I could've killed or severely injured a dog made me feel terrible. I hated that girl the whole week.


You're not wrong, I wrote this up when I was in a pretty fucky headspace and just needed to do something to keep my brain in my skull. Glad you didn't hit the dog.

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